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Selecting the right colors for braces for a teenage girl can be a challenge. You want to balance colors that work well with your skin tone with seasonal colors that work well with your clothing. While the fashion aspects of selecting your braces may contribute to your decisions, you also want to make sure that you are looking at affordable options that fit your budget. By focusing on a few color options for a girl’s braces, you can get her excited about the process of selecting the perfect colors for her fashionable side.

April Showers and Braces Color Ideas

The April showers of spring are a time to embrace the best braces colors for girls that match the traditional pastel shades associated with the beautiful floral surroundings. Selecting braces color ideas that match the comfortable warm temperatures and the bright new styles that break away from the classic winter shades offers an opportunity to play around with fun and interesting designs.

A key aspect of selecting colors that fit in with the styles young girls enjoy is embracing the bright colors that match spring styles. Modern spring styles are moving away from the traditional pastels and focusing on bolder and brighter shades. When it comes to the best braces colors for girls, you want to consider the colors they will be wearing with their clothing as well as the fashionable shades associated with spring.

Bold colors like golden yellow and bright orange are turning heads in modern spring fashion. That means you want to consider colors for a child’s braces that work well with the most up-to-date style designs. If a girl is less inclined to catch attention with her braces, then opt for more traditional colors for the spring fashion season. Light pastel blue or pink offers a traditional color that fits in well with the beauty of spring flowers and April showers. For girls who are more interested in unique or unexpected color choices, spring also invites in pastel shades of green, yellow, or purple.

Select a color that is based on a girl’s preferences for color as well as the options available that fit in with modern clothing styles. The colors can match and enhance a girl’s outfits to give her braces a feeling of an accessory that is part of her entire ensemble.

Summer Sun and Braces Colors for Girl Styles

As spring moves into summer, the shift in fashion and style reflects the warmer temperatures. The fashionable styles embrace the sunlight and the longer days with neon shades and bright colors. The fashionable braces colors for girl styles in the summer embrace bright shades and stunning colors with neon green, pink, or blue.

Although neon colors are a popular choice for the summer sun, it is not always a comfortable option for girls who are wearing braces. If a young girl is uncomfortable with the bright colors that are popular in summer fashion, she can also opt for more traditional colors for her braces. Summer is the season to embrace color, but that does not mean it must be bright and shocking.

Opt for colors that suit a muted style for girls who are less inclined to the eye-popping shades found in fashion. Simple shades of blue, pink, purple, or red are a good option for the summer. Girls can embrace their own style choices and opt for a color that matches their preferences. An alternative to the traditional bright colors is to opt for black or dark navy blue that give away an impression of breaking off from the traditional summer colors.

Braces Colors to Match the Autumn Leaves

When you’re looking for colors for braces for a teenage girl, autumn is a fun time to explore different color schemes. As the leaves change from green to bright orange, yellow, and red, it inspires new fashion trends and interesting touches of color in fashionable and comfortable clothing.

Girls who want to bring out the fashion trends in their braces will want to opt for bright orange, shades of purple, and muted shades of green. Girls can also opt for more traditional fall colors by considering a bold shade of red or yellow. Due to the bright seasonal changes to the leaves, the colors found in autumn or fall fashion allow girls more flexibility to select colors that invoke the beautiful surroundings in their environment.

Cool Colors for Braces to Match Winter Styles

When you want to find cool colors for braces in the winter that work well with girl styles, you want to focus on options that fit in well with the season. Winter is a time to opt for cool colors like ice blue and frosted green. Alternatively, you can opt for more bold colors like red and gold as a celebratory shade that fits well with the holiday season.

The traditional colors associated with winter focus on shades of blue with white or platinum highlights. Girls can also opt for off-white colors that fit in well to balance out the colors in their wardrobe. The key to winter styles and colors that work well with braces is embracing the cool colors that act as a reminder of snow and ice or opting for subtle colors that allow more leeway in a girl’s outfit. Neutral colors are also a good choice in winter if a teenaged girl is unsure of the best colors to fit in with a variable wardrobe.

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Balancing Skin Tone with Braces Color Ideas

Although braces color ideas start from popular shades and styles for the season, it is also important to consider colors that work well with personal skin tone. The foundation of selecting colors based on skin tone is identifying the undertones of the skin. The undertones of the skin are determined by the color of an individual’s veins.

Look at the veins in the wrist. If you have a cool undertone, then you will notice blue or purple veins. Individuals who have a warm undertone will notice yellow or green veins. A neutral undertone means you have a combination of colors.

A neutral undertone means a girl can wear a wide variety of color on her braces and it will look good with her skin tone. The key to a neutral skin tone is opting for muted shades of color rather than harsh neons and overly bright colors.

Girls who have a cool undertone will want to focus on braces colors that are focused on blues, purples, and pinks. Avoid bright reds and oranges, since the colors may bring out too much red in the skin. Instead, focus on ocean colors that work well with current fashions.

For girls who have a warm undertone, the focus should shift to shades of orange, red, and golden yellow. Autumn shades of color are a good choice due to the warmer undertones to the skin. Avoid colors like royal blue or shades of light gray, since the colors can wash out the complexion.

Changing Colors on Braces

When it comes to selecting the perfect color for a teenage girl’s braces, it is not necessary to select only one color and leave it alone. It is possible to change out the color when you have your braces adjusted or tightened. Keep in mind that adjustments to your braces may take between six and eight weeks, so you still want to select colors that fit in well with a girl’s style, skin tone, and personal preferences.

Before a girl select a color for her braces, she will want a few ideas of the base color she wants. After selecting a base color, she can then evaluate the available shades of the color during an appointment and pick out the color that works best for her plans.

The Cost of Color Braces

The cost of color braces in Houston, Texas depends on multiple factors. The average cost of braces ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. Since the amount of time a girl must wear braces and her age will impact the actual cost. Younger girls will have lower costs for her braces when compared to older girls; however, the exact costs also depend on their individual situation.

If you are not sure about the actual costs, then you can look into the details of your dental insurance policy. Depending on your policy, you may have some coverage to help reduce the cost of braces for a girl. The details may vary based on your insurance provider and the policy you purchased, so you will want to look into the details about your co-payment, coverage, and exceptions.

For individuals who are concerned about the up-front costs, financing is also an option in Houston, Texas. At Zara Dental, financing options through major banks like Wells Fargo, CitiBank, and Lending Club help with the costs and allow you to make payments over time. You can also use a credit card to pay for a portion of the costs if you are unsure about your insurance coverage or the out-of-pocket expenses associated with color braces.

The actual costs of color braces depend on multiple factors. It is important to evaluate the details of your insurance policy to clarify your coverage and to consider your financing options when you are looking into different solutions for a girl’s braces.

Alternative to Braces

If braces are a concern, then older girls can opt for an alternative through Invisalign. The custom-made straighteners are almost invisible due to the clear material and allow girls to straighten their teeth without drawing attention to the change with braces.

The primary advantage of Invisalign is the clear appearance. It is not always the best option for a teenage girl’s teeth, so it is important to discuss the situation and her teeth with a dentist. At Zara Dental, we offer a free consultation and initial x-ray to help determine the best course of action for a girl’s teeth and smile. During the consultation, we can determine if Invisalign is an option or if the ideal solution is color braces.

When it comes to braces for girls, it is important to recognize that she has options to maintain an aesthetic style. By selecting colors that match stylish clothing, the braces become an accessory that adds to a girl’s appeal. Furthermore, a girl can change out the colors on her braces to keep up with the seasons and enjoy a fun new look every season. To learn more about color braces or to set up an appointment for a free consultation with our dental professionals about braces, contact us today.

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