Brushing Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy Every Day

woman with light blue tooth brushBrushing tips that can go a long way in keeping teeth healthy year after year. For example, teeth should be brushed at a minimum of twice each day. Three times a day is okay but more could be detrimental to the health of gums.

Brush For At Least Two Minutes

In addition, when brushing always remember to brush lightly. Excessively hard brushing can cause serious gum damage where gums will eventually recede. Another important consideration with regard to brushing is that it is important to brush for at least two minutes. This includes targeting all areas and all quadrants of the mouth. Getting into the habit of missing one particular section or group of teeth can ultimately result in tooth decay and gum disease. Play it safe and take the time to thoroughly brush teeth on both sides and in all areas.

Change Out A Toothbrush At Least Once Every 90 Days

Finally, when choosing a toothbrush it is best to opt for a soft bristle brush as opposed to a hard bristle brush. This can further help to protect gums from damage and from eventually receding. Another important consideration with regard to good brushing habits is to simply remember to change out a toothbrush at least once every 90 days. A toothbrush is the perfect place for harboring bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can ultimately be transferred back to teeth only serving to further promote tooth decay and gum disease. Contact Zara Dental today for quality Houston dental care that is intended to keep teeth as healthy and as beautiful as possible.