Interesting Dental Hygiene Statistics Worth Knowing

Interesting Dental Hygiene Statistics Worth Knowing

Statistics can often tell a lot about a particular subject or issue. When it comes to oral hygiene or dental hygiene, statistics do indeed provide a good picture of how healthy adults are across the country in terms of general dental hygiene. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publish several interesting statistics […]

Habits To Avoid As A Way To Improve Dental Health

There are many common habits that can easily be eliminated from one’s lifestyle as a way to improve overall dental health. For example, those who smoke are shown to be up to four times more likely to have an increased likelihood of various diseases. This includes everything from the increased development of gum disease to […]

One Of The Most Serious Threats To Dental Health

While there are many existing threats in the world today when it comes to maintaining the best in dental health, one substance in particular is particularly damaging. Widely available and very popular among people of all ages, soda is indeed one of the most destructive types of substances when it comes to damaging teeth over […]

Light Up A Room With A Perfect Smile

We have all heard it many times before, that someone with a bright smile can literally light up an entire room. However, what exactly is the best way to achieve a perfect smile? One strategy is to take dental hygiene seriously. This includes brushing regularly and avoiding foods that can cause teeth to stain. Brushing, […]

Bad Breath Elimination Tips And Tricks

Avoiding bad breath is an important aspect of overall health and wellness that everyone in today’s modern world must consider. With that said, there are some simple and easy to implement tips and tricks with regard to eliminating bad breath. Because bacteria can breed and grow within the mouth it is important to maintain control […]

A Healthy Smile Is Easier To Achieve Than Most Would Expect

In fact, achieving a healthy smile can be as simple as sticking with a few daily routines. This includes eating a healthy diet that is rich in fibrous foods. Fresh fruit and vegetables are often an excellent alternative to processed foods that contain a large amount of sugar and preservatives. Most importantly, fibrous fruits and […]

Dental Care Checklist

Anyone wishing to maintain the best in oral health should consider a simple yet important checklist for daily dental care. Maintaining good oral hygiene and clean strong teeth can be as easy as considering these daily routines. For example, using a small headed toothbrush with soft bristles can improve overall dental health and dental hygiene. […]