Dental Health and Knowing The Right Way To Floss Your Teeth

As with brushing, there are certain techniques when flossing that if done correctly can greatly improve overall levels of dental health. As such, it is important to consider a few simple tips and tricks on flossing properly. A common practice that many people often do when flossing is to drag floss back and forth between teeth in a sawing motion. This is actually an ineffective and sometimes harmful way to floss teeth. Excessive flossing in this manner can actually wear down teeth over time.

Continually Refresh Floss

How to floss the teeth correctlyA more effective and proper way of flossing is to simply start at the top of the tooth and then slowly draw the floss downward towards the gum line. At this point it is advisable to pull additional floss through to introduce a clean section of floss before proceeding to the next to tooth. It is important to continually refresh floss due to the fact that used floss will likely be covered in plaque. Reusing old sections of floss simply moves around bacteria and plaque to other teeth. This is counterproductive to flossing.

Long-Term Dental Health

Most importantly, those flossing should be gentle and delicate with their teeth and gums. Rough or aggressive flossing can damage gums and cause bleeding. In addition, flossing should be limited to just once a day as a way to ensure overall long-term dental health. Perhaps one of the best times to floss is in the evening prior to going to bed. This ensures that bacteria, food deposits and particles are all removed prior to sleeping throughout the night. Nothing can be more detrimental to dental health than bacteria, plaque, food particles and other debris remaining between teeth overnight. Contact Zara Dental today for the best in Houston dental services.