Interesting Dental Hygiene Statistics Worth Knowing

Dental hygiene care at Zara DentalStatistics can often tell a lot about a particular subject or issue. When it comes to oral hygiene or dental hygiene, statistics do indeed provide a good picture of how healthy adults are across the country in terms of general dental hygiene. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publish several interesting statistics worth noting when it comes to oral hygiene. Case in point is the fact that almost 80% of Americans have experienced at least one cavity by the time they reach age 17.

A Larger Portion Of Adults Have Untreated Cavities

Another clear statistic offered by the Center includes the fact that upwards of 80% of the US population can be expected to have some type of periodontal gum disease at some point. In addition, statistics indicate that more than 500 million visits are made to dentists nationwide on an annual basis. Surprising also is the fact that on an annual basis close to 20% of children ages six through 20 and a larger portion of adults have untreated cavities throughout the country.

Dental Care Providers Recommend

Other interesting facts include the report that men are considered more likely than women to have what are considered to be more severe dental conditions or diseases. Equally surprising is that oral cancer occurs up to two times more frequently in men than it does in women. Finally, statistics indicate that 75% of dental patients do not change their toothbrush as often as dental care providers recommend. As a point of fact, a toothbrush should be changed at least every 90 days as a way to avoid dental health problems. Contact Zara Dental today to learn more about affordable, friendly and highly effective dental care in Houston Texas.