The Mechanics Of Teeth And How They Function

The teeth are a unique part of the human anatomy that is often misunderstood. For example, there is a certain type of internal structure to teeth that should be considered. Typical a tooth is comprised of three primary parts – the root, neck and the crown. The root is the part of the tooth that extends directly into the gum and then further into the jawbone. The area located between the root and the crown is known as the neck of the tooth.

Main And Primary Functions

Finally, the crown is the part of the tooth that is visible and includes a protective layer known as enamel. There are two main and primary functions associated with human teeth. The first function is that of tearing and biting. There are dedicated teeth that enable this type of action to occur when eating. For example, the incisors are mainly used for cutting and biting. The canine teeth are used for mainly tearing food apart in an effective way. Finally, another main function of human teeth is to crush and grind food.

Caring For Teeth Over The Long-Term

The action of breaking down food in this way is accomplished with the molars, premolars and wisdom teeth. When all these actions are combined, it is easy for children, young adults as well as middle-age people and the elderly to effectively process food before it is ingested. Caring for teeth over the long-term can help to ensure that chewing and eating remains effective. Tooth loss as well as gum disease and other dental health concerns can all interfere with one’s normal daily routine. Contact Zara Dental today to learn more about dental care services in Houston that are affordable, reliable and trusted.