Pacifier Safety Tips For Parents

Newborn beautiful baby sleeping, Pacifier SafetyEnsuring total dental health and wellness sometimes means also considering pacifier safety tips for young children. Pacifiers can be an important and comforting tool that parents can use as a way to help young children through various stages of growth and development. It provides an added sense of security for babies especially when they begin teething. Considering a few pacifier safety tips can go a long way in improving oral hygiene and overall safety.

Holes In The Mouth Guard

For example, it should be obvious that a pacifier should never be tied around the neck of a child. Always follow the recommendations of the manufacture and read all safety information when purchasing something even as simple as a pacifier. In addition, when purchasing a pacifier it is always a good idea to choose the ones that have holes in the mouth guard. These holes are important because they allow saliva to exit rather than getting caught between the baby’s lips and the pacifier. This is a great way to prevent potential rashes and other problems.

Always Avoid Any Potential For A Choking Hazard

Finally, choosing a pacifier that is made of one solid piece of molded plastic or rubber instead of pacifiers that are comprised of multiple pieces can greatly reduce the chances of choking hazards. In addition, parents should continually be on guard and check a pacifier to make sure that it is not brittle or broken. This is especially true with regard to the nipple end of the pacifier. The main objective here is to always avoid any potential for a choking hazard. Following these simple tips can go a long way in enjoying the greatest level of safety with regard to pacifier use. Contact Zara Dental today for Houston dental care that gets results.