Smart Strategies For Battling Troublesome Mouth Borne Bacteria

Dental health and mouth borne bacteriaOften overlooked yet very important is the issue of mouth borne bacteria, especially when it comes to oral and dental health. Surprisingly, there are easy and effective ways to deal with mouth borne bacteria that should he considered by those who wish to maintain optimum levels of oral hygiene and dental health. For example, saliva is known to be one of the body’s best and strongest bacteria fighting substances. As such, foods that promote saliva production will benefit dental health.

Reductions In The Amount Of Bacteria

For example, foods that are tart and tangy will typically stimulate the mouth to produce generous amounts of saliva. The end result is improved saliva production and reductions in the amount of bacteria found in the mouth. Preferred foods in this regard include everything from cranberries to limes and cherries as well as lemons and oranges. All these foods will ultimately help the body fight bacteria in the mouth. Equally important is to consume adequate and generous quantities of water as a way to improve saliva production.

Ample Amounts Of Fruit And Vegetables

Drinking adequate amounts of water not only stimulates saliva production but also helps to cleanse the oral cavity and wash away bacteria. Another great way to stimulate saliva production is to eat foods that are high in water content. Not only does it produce more saliva but it can also slow down or eliminate the process of tooth decay. Water and foods rich in water content dilute sugars and starches in food thereby reducing the chances of decay and gum disease. In short, eating ample amounts of fruit and vegetables while avoiding starches and processed sugars can only serve to improve oral hygiene and dental health over the long term. Contact Zara Dental today for dental care in Houston Texas.