Things That Are Bad For Teeth That Should Be Avoided

Almost always, and at some point in everyone’s life they will typically try to use their teeth to do something the teeth are simply not designed to do. For example, something as radical as using teeth as a tool when working on a project can spell disaster. In short, teeth should never be used as pliers or in any other way where a regular tool would be more suitable. Using teeth in this way can cause serious damage, cause a tooth to break or result in other types of permanent damage.

Cracked And Damaged Teeth

Things That Are Bad For TeethAnother important consideration with regard to protecting teeth is to never use them as ice crushers. Attempting to crush ice with one’s teeth can result in chipped, cracked and damaged teeth over the long term. While this type of activity may seem harmless it is far from being harmless and in fact causes irreparable damage to teeth. Along the same lines teeth should not be used to open bags of food or loosen knots. Avoiding all these activities will ensure the teeth stay healthy year after year.

Keeping Teeth Healthy And Strong

Foods, Bad For TeethChewing on the wrong types of foods can also cause damage to teeth. For example, popcorn kernels that are un-popped can become lodged between teeth and cause damage to teeth. Chewing on hard candy, frozen candy or nuts can also create the same effect. It is important to always remember the teeth are meant for chewing soft pliable food and should not be used for any other purpose. By working closely with a dental care provider and paying particular attention to keeping teeth healthy and strong, patients can enjoy better oral health. Contact Zara Dental today for the best in Houston dental care for children and adults.