Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Dental Floss

Pack of dental flossDental care providers would likely agree that flossing is one of the most important and essential parts of oral care and hygiene. Based on this simple fact, it is perhaps wise to consider a few tips for choosing the right type of dental floss. Most dentists would likely recommend that patients use regular dental floss as opposed to water pick type devices or harps. While other methods of flossing may appear easier, in truth, regular floss is almost always the best choice.

A Matter Of Personal Preference

One exception to this rule is for those that have naturally wide spaces between teeth or that have bridgework. When this is indeed the case, dental tape is a more logical option. Another important concern with regard to dental floss is whether to choose an un-waxed or waxed product. This simply comes down to a matter of personal preference. Floss that is waxed is typically easier to slide between teeth. Another choice that comes down to personal preference is in choosing string or ribbon.

Removing Debris And Food Particles

One important consideration with regard to choosing ribbon over string is that it simply offers a larger surface area. In terms of comfort, ribbon is typically more comfortable around the fingers as compared to string. At the end of the day, all types of floss are effective at removing debris and food particles that are trapped between teeth. As an added note, flossing should not be simply used as an alternative to regular brushing. It is a combination of effective flossing and brushing on a regular basis that ultimately results in the best oral hygiene. Contact Zara Dental today to learn more about Houston dental care and dental services that offers real results.