Tips For Maintaining Gums In A Healthy Condition

Maintaining healthy gumsWhile many people tend to focus on their teeth when it comes to oral hygiene and oral care, gum care is equally as important in ensuring long-term dental wellness. For example, the gums are surprisingly delicate tissue that must be treated in a careful way so that they do not become damaged or diseased over time. Many people wrongfully believe that brushing vigorously can improve dental care. In fact the opposite is true.

Protecting Gums

Vigorous and aggressive brushing can actually damage the delicate tissue that comprises the gums. The end result can be sore gums, swollen gums and even bleeding gums. It is always recommended that brushing be done in a delicate and deliberate way so as to avoid damaging the gums. The right type of brush can also help in protecting gums. For example, a brush that has bristles with blunted ends and that is typically made of nylon is the best option. Avoiding the use of brushes that have hard bristles is typically a good idea.

Flossing Is An Important Activity

When brushing, using circular motions that are gentle and massaging can achieve the desired results of cleaning teeth in a safe and effective way. Equally important is flossing in the right way to prevent gum problems. For example, flossing as with brushing should be gentle and done in a careful way. Forcing floss between teeth or driving floss into the gums can cause bleeding and other serious dental problems. Flossing is an important activity should not be overlooked but it should be done carefully so as to protect the gums. Finally, anyone that experiences receding gums or bleeding gums should visit with their dental care provider immediately. Contact Zara Dental today for a Houston affordable dentist that is always friendly and attentive.