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You already know about Invisalign—most likely, as a better option to wearing braces for two years. They are clear alignments that can help straighten your teeth. The Invisalign cost is relatively high, and besides, the commitment to visiting the orthodontist regularly and the expenses scare people off, and they try to look for other options. Luckily there are other alternatives to the approach.

You may not need to go back to traditional metal braces use the relatively costly Invisalign to get your smile and the confidence back. There are some better alternatives to traditional metal braces, which are not as expensive.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear dentures that straighten teeth without using the traditional metal braces. They are custom-made to cover your teeth and pull them back into their proper position over time. Because they are clear, they are less noticeable and can be taken on and off, unlike the traditional ones.

Most people think metal brackets are the only option for underbite treatment, but that’s not the case. With Invisalign, neither metal aligners nor wires are involved. Your teeth beautifully and comfortably align in half the time it would take with the traditional metal dentures. Though these clear props are a good option, using them is a costly affair. On average, the cost of these braces is between $3000 and $8,000. Putting on a smile has never been so expensive, with the average cost of braces in Houston being $5,000.

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Who is a Candidate for Invisalign?

Age determines whether you are the right candidate for dentures. The orthodontic treatment option is best suited for older teens and adults because responsibility increases with age. It doesn’t mean younger teens and children cannot get the treatment. Even so, other alternatives, such as traditional metal dentures or other clear props, may be better options. However, each patient and situations are different.

Another reason young teenagers and children are not eligible to use Invisalign is that their teeth are still growing. Older teenagers and adults prefer such props because of their transparency. Younger teenagers, on the other side, have so much to do and enjoy in high school to worry about braces. The right candidate for these aligners, in this case, is the older teen or adult, but it depends on individual preference.

Professional Invisalign in Houston, Texas

Best Invisalign Alternatives

Invisalign is the best solution, but is there a cheaper alternative to Invisalign? Yes, a handful of choices. We hope these options help you find the best alternative that is within your financial capability.

List of the competitors of Invisalign:


One of the best alternatives to Invisalign is Byte. Their treatment costs as low as $1850 and includes the aligners, impressions kit, a whitening foam, and the HyperByte vibration tool.

Byte cuts the costs of your alignment treatment by half if you use them for only 5 minutes a day. They always offer significant discounts, but if you can’t pay it upfront, you can do in 36-month installments of $62 per month.


ALIGNERCO is one of the newest entries into the market. They only use orthodontists for remote monitoring, and you can trust them. They don’t have a physical location, but they do offer free video call services.

ALIGNERCO offers a nighttime option, which allows you to wear the clear braces for eight to 10 hours per day.

Smile Direct Club Online

Smile Direct Club connects directly to the consumer and cuts out the “middleman” (orthodontist). You may be wondering, SmileDirectClub Vs. Braces, which one you should use. Smart Direct Process is more straightforward in comparison to the installation and maintenance of the traditional metal dentures. To start, you have two options. You either visit the SmileShop for a smile scan or have a 3D impression kit mailed to you.

Smile Direct Club uses either of those options to get a 3D model of your teeth and pass it to their licensed dentist or orthodontist to review and build a particular treatment plan for you. Next, you’ll receive a preview of your treatment plan.

After receiving their treatment plans, patients can then pay to have the clear braces made. All the aligners are sent directly to the patient. A treatment plan lasts for six months on average. After you complete the treatment, you can purchase retainers to wear at night. They will hold your teeth in place.

Candid Co

Candid Co, also known as Candid Care Co, charges $2400 only for your aligners. Their starter kit goes for $95. Alternatively, you can go for their FREE 3D scans offer instead of the starter kit. Check if one of their Candid studios is just a drive away from your home.

They accept upfront payments as well as monthly ones via Affirm. The costs include interest and what you’ll somewhat consider a down payment.

Clear Correct

Clear correct produces a system of clear braces that orthodontists can use to straighten teeth. The total costs are usually lower than those of Invisalign though they are thinner. There are less visible and on the negative side, less sturdy.

Both have similar results. However, many orthodontists prefer Invisalign because of the extra resources that make successful treatment easier.

Clear Correct uses the same material Invisalign designs’ use to make their clear aligners, which are considered very successful. Invisalign also builds on a patented smart track material that brings more comfort in the mouth.


What makes Smilelove stand out from other options including Invisalign is their affordable payment plans. Not only do they have a $79/month mode of payment, but also ongoing promotions. They also give patients a free set of retainers after the treatment. Your credit score will determine whether you are eligible for the payment plans. Remember, you might also be requested to make a down payment.

The monthly payment pack includes:
• Whitening kit
• At-home impression kit
• Post-treatment retainers.

Smilelove also accepts a Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings plans to assist patients with costs.

Dandy Clear Aligners

Unlike all the other alternatives to Invisalign, Dandy does not work directly with the consumer. It works with dentists, orthodontists, and patients to ensure the latter receive the best care. First, Dandy helps to schedule a Snapshot appointment and later direct you to a local dentist. There, they will take 3D scans, panoramic X-rays, and dental images.

An orthodontist will then review the scans and develop a treatment plan. After you approve the treatment and pay for the same, Dandy starts the process of manufacturing your clear braces. They are then sent to you directly, thereby eliminating other costs like office fees.

Ormco Aligners

Ormco is a substantially huge company, and some dentists use their braces. Their brackets tend to be smoother and lack ridges. While they may be more comfortable to the user, their outcome is not as significant as Invisalign’s.

An important thing to note is that Ormco uses a digital tool to create its props. A technician creates the plan and the alignments with the help of your orthodontists. The advantage of Invisalign over Ormco is that the latter doesn’t allow the orthodontist to design the overall plan. This approach means Invisalign gives the orthodontist and you more control.

Uniform Teeth

Uniform Teeth is similar to Invisalign and ClearCorrect because you have to check the orthodontist regularly as the treatment formula states. That only means a higher cost in the process. Uniform Teeth employ trained orthodontists only, which cuts treatment time by half, and the treatment is cheaper than Invisalign’s.

Just like Invisalign, Uniform Teeth organizes in-office visits with the orthodontist. Their aligners treat both mild and severe malocclusion. On their website, they state that most of their patients finish treatment in less than six months. Their average cost is between $2,500 and $5,000.

Six Month Smiles

Akin to Invisalign, Six Month Smiles clear aligners are administered by your dentist and require you to visit the office regularly. The overall treatment period is shorter, just six months.

Six Month Smiles started selling clear props before they ventured into selling aligners as well. They provide the best option for individuals who want to align minor issues with their teeth without the need for a dentist’s help.

Cost of Braces in Houston Texas

No doubt, braces are costly. Since they must be maintained through check-ups, they’ll cost you thousands of dollars in the end. A variety of factors determine the price of aligners. But generally, they’ll cost you between $3,000 and $10,000. If you are on a budget, you can find affordable clear braces. It’s the choices that you will make that may keep the costs lower.

Traditional metal brackets cost about $3,000 to $7,000. Clear aligners cost more. Invisalign, for example, costs $3,000 to $8000 depending on the individual needs. Ceramic brackets cost $4,000 to $8000. Depending on the services offered by the orthodontist, you may pay more than the average cost of aligners. If you want Two-Phase Treatment in Orthodontics, the process will be more costly. The best way to keep the costs low is following the orthodontist’s instructions to the letter.


There are many alternatives to traditional metal braces. Based on affordability and convenience you can choose the most suitable Invisalign equivalent for your needs. Still, Invisalign is one of the proven alternatives to traditional metal braces. For more help and guidance, kindly send us an email or call for assistance.

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