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Dr. Ashraf Baytathab
Dr. Ashraf Baytalthab

General Dentist

What is General Dentistry?

For the purpose of preserving the best possible oral health, general dentistry includes a wide range of operations and treatments.

There are methods to ensure oral health maintenance and prevent discomfort in the mouth, gums, and teeth. 

It is common for individuals to draw parallels between a general dentist and a primary care physician. Similar to a primary care physician, the objective of a general dentist is to prevent and identify dental conditions.

The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests visiting the dentist at least once every six months to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Regular dental checkups and taking care of your teeth and gums can keep you from getting expensive dental problems. 

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Common General Dentistry Procedures
Common General Dentistry Procedures

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General Dentist in Houston, Texas

A thorough oral examination to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums, an oral cancer screening to look for any early warning signs, and a professional cleaning to remove any leftover debris and enhance the look and feel of your teeth are all included in your regular dental visits. Therefore, don’t deprive yourself or your family of the many advantages of general dentistry! 

If you want to find out more about our general dentistry services in Houstoncall us today to set up a consultation or book an appointment on our website.

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More About General Dentistry


What Do General Dentists Do?

In general dentistry, general dentists provide a range of services, such as examinations, diagnostic tests (such as CAT scans, x-rays, and wax molds for teeth replacements), and consultations. Prior to commencing treatment, our dentists will conduct tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures to determine the underlying issue with your teeth. Zara Dental General Dentistry in Houston includes things that are important to your health, such as:


What Qualifications Do General Dentists Have?

All general dentists have attended an accredited dental school for four years after getting their undergraduate degrees. Also, they have met the requirements of state licensing boards, which include tests and continuing education. Some dentists have the letters DMD after their names, which stands for "Doctor of Dental Medicine." Others have the letter DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). The only difference between the two is the title of their dental school degrees. Their education and training are the same. In addition to their standard training, some general dentists receive further training in certain fields, such as implant placement, cosmetic operations, or other therapies.


When Should I See a Dentist?

The short answer is that you should visit the dentist more frequently if you have oral health issues and every six months for routine preventive maintenance. For instance, you might have a toothache or bleeding gums as an obvious indication that something in your mouth needs treatment. You could also be interested in learning more about a cosmetic operation after hearing about it. In either case, you shouldn't hesitate to call our dentist in Houston, Texas. There is no one timetable that works for everyone when it comes to routine dental checkups. Depending on your specific situation, your dentist can suggest that you visit them every three months, twice a year, or at a different frequency. No matter what, remember to show up for your appointments! The best approaches to preventing dental disease and maintaining a healthy, radiant smile for the rest of your life are to adhere to the suggested preventive care schedule and maintain proper oral hygiene at home.

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Why Choose Our General Dentistry?

If you live in Houston and want top-notch general dentistry, head to Zara Dental. We provide excellent general dentistry in addition to excellent cosmetic dentistry to guarantee that your teeth are always as healthy and attractive as possible.
Our knowledgeable and competent staff uses modern technologies and therapy techniques. The greatest method to guarantee that your mouth stays healthy, in our opinion, is through routine preventive procedures. In other words, Zara Dental prefers to avoid handling issues as they arise. Instead, they want to collaborate with you to avoid issues before they arise.
We offer a variety of crucial general dentistry services. For instance, tartar is prevented from forming when you frequently have your teeth cleaned and polished. As a result, it is less probable that your tooth enamel will erode and develop cavities. Additionally, when you visit us for routine exams, the dentists can thoroughly examine your gums to check for any indications of infection or gum disease.
In order for us to create a plan for your general care and collaborate to keep your teeth clean and healthy, please schedule a comprehensive exam appointment now.

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