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Looking for Braces for Your Child in Houston?

Orthodontic treatment is critical for the appearance and health of your children’s smiles. Early orthodontic care is crucial for long-term dental health, in addition to the self-esteem benefits of a good smile. Children should begin orthodontic treatment by the age of seven.

Best Kids Braces in Houston, Texas

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Reasons of Kids Braces

There are various reasons why a child may require braces, such as a discrepancy in the size of the upper and lower jaws, misaligned teeth, or gaps between teeth. Regardless of the situation, it is crucial that your child feels at ease as they commence the orthodontic treatments that will aid in rectifying their dental problems. At Zara Dental Services, we ensure to have a conversation with your child regarding their concerns and offer enjoyable options during their visit, such as colored rubber bands in their preferred colors.
We understand that your child may have concerns about wearing headgear or neck gear or having braces for an extended period. However, we will provide a detailed explanation of each step of the process to ensure that your child feels confident and comfortable with their braces.

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How Should We Take Care of Braces?

Children with wired braces must work harder to keep their teeth clean because the braces make it simple for food to become lodged. We recommend brushing after meals and flossing daily to maintain good oral hygiene. In addition, regular dental cleanings and cavity checks are crucial for maintaining good oral health.
Certain foods such as popcorn, hard and sticky candies, and gum have the potential to harm braces; therefore, we recommend avoiding them. Sugary drinks like sodas and juices can also be a problem because they can lead to tooth decay. Children who wear retainers or clear plastic braces should remove them whenever it is time to eat.
Braces may cause discomfort as they exert pressure on the teeth, particularly following orthodontic adjustments. In such a scenario, you may consume over-the-counter pain relievers and opt for soft foods to alleviate discomfort.
If your child has a loose bracket, wire, or wire poking their mouth, visit your dentist immediately. Your child can use soft orthodontic wax to cover any sharp brackets or wires that are causing discomfort or irritation inside the mouth or gums if the orthodontist is unable to identify the issue.

Best Time for Kids Braces

The age at which a child should get braces is dependent on the child. This is because every patient develops at different rates. For example, some children may experience puberty at a faster and earlier rate than their peers.
We generally recommend considering orthodontic treatment for children between the ages of 9 and 14. Most often, this occurs prior to the onset of puberty. However, if the patient has completed puberty, correcting their dental or jaw alignment may be challenging since they have already established their positions.

Professional Teenagers Braces in Houston, Texas
Types of Kids Braces and Teenagers Braces
Types of Kids Braces and Teenagers Braces

What Are the Different Kinds of Braces?

Modern braces are more effective and comfortable than older models. The braces you choose for your child will lead them towards achieving healthy teeth for their lifetime. For each person, braces come in a different size. When it comes to orthodontic care, here are some of the most common options:


Traditional Braces

The tried-and-true method of orthodontic is traditional braces. They use metal brackets, archwires, and rubber bands to straighten the teeth.


Clear Braces

Clear braces are the same as traditional braces; instead, the metal brackets are no longer visible, and as the name suggests clear to straighten your teeth.

Kids Braces in Houston, Texas

For more information about braces for kids, you can get in touch with Zara Dental in Houston, Texas. We can’t wait to meet you and your family and give them one of the best orthodontic care with the most modern tools and affordable prices.
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Invisalign for Kids & Teenagers

Invisalign for kids and teenagers is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. The treatment is specifically for younger patients, with aligners that are smaller and more comfortable than those used for adults. Invisalign for kids and teenagers is a popular alternative to traditional metal braces, as it allows for discreet treatment that doesn’t interfere with daily activities like eating, brushing, and playing sports. In addition, Invisalign for kids and teenagers can help improve oral health, boost self-esteem, and promote better overall health and well-being. We typically recommend this treatment for children and teenagers with mild to moderate orthodontic issues and is supervised by a qualified orthodontist to ensure optimal results.

What Is the Best Kind of Kids Braces?

The selection of braces for your child will rely on the severity of their case and your family’s comfort level with the various alternatives. The majority of kids should use traditional orthodontics. It is important to note that while children may not need to maintain a professional appearance, the care they give to their teeth is still crucial for their oral health, just as it is for adults and teenagers. These solutions are efficient, cutting-edge, cost-effective, and robust.
Invisalign could be a suitable option based on your child’s age. Many adolescents highly favor this system. Likewise, aligners could be beneficial for your child if they are older and committed to wearing them daily. However, traditional braces are more suitable for younger children and individuals requiring extensive care.

The best Kind of Kids Braces
Advantages of Braces for in Houston, Texas

Advantages of Braces for Kids

You can feel comfortable about whatever option you choose for your child’s braces. However, it is important to understand that although baby teeth eventually fall out, they play a crucial role in a child’s development. They create pathways for the eruption of adult teeth. Moreover, orthodontists consider kids to have highly adaptable oral structures, making it an ideal period to initiate orthodontic treatment. We recommend addressing any dental issues in your child’s early years to avoid the need for more complex treatments and associated costs in the future.

Having properly aligned teeth is beneficial for your entire life. We recommend that you opt for easier-to-clean teeth for your child to effectively eliminate plaque buildup that leads to gum disease and cavities. They also function better than crooked teeth, making it simpler to chew food and preventing speech difficulties. A beautiful straight smile can significantly increase your child’s confidence. In addition, patients will not have to conceal their dental issues in photographs or during initial encounters.

Foods to Avoid with Braces

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