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  • Improved ability to chew food
  • Reduced cavities and periodontal disease
  • Reduced risk of injury from protruding teeth
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What are Orthodontics Treatments?

There are several reasons why you might be looking for Houston orthodontics that are reasonably priced for both adults and kids. For example, fixing gaps in teeth may be necessary, straightening teeth, adjusting a misaligned bite, or aligning the lips and teeth properly. Since you are aware that many people may live with overbites, crowding, or other bite issues without receiving any kind of treatment, you may have been torn about pursuing orthodontics. Orthodontic operations are dental treatments that assist in straightening teeth and correcting bite issues. An orthodontist, a dentist with a focus on orthodontics, performs these procedures. Orthodontists treat children, adolescents, and adults’ teeth. 


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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Corrective orthodontics can provide you with a better smile and appearance, and correcting your bite can have long-term dental health benefits.
Aligned teeth are easier to care for, and brushing and flossing are crucial in reducing tooth decay and preventing gum disease. Please maintain proper oral hygiene to ensure healthy teeth and gums. If you have a severe bite problem, it can lead to inefficient chewing and hinder your ability to obtain adequate nutrition. Furthermore, dental misalignment can cause speech difficulties, and although speech therapy can be beneficial, orthodontic treatment is the most effective solution. Lastly, improper alignment can be the cause of advanced wear on the back of your teeth.

Benefits of Orthodontics
Benefits of Orthodontics

What Is the Best Age for Orthodontics Treatments

Although orthodontic treatment is common during teenage or preteen years, it is always possible to work on aligning your teeth at any age with the help of a dental professional. In addition, dentists offer a range of treatment options to correct irregular bite issues in adults, including alternatives to traditional braces that address aesthetic concerns.

Orthodontics in Houston, Texas

When you need orthodontic treatment in Houston, Texas,contact us at Zara Dental to schedule an appointment with our professional and skilled staff. Of course, you can always book an appointment on our website. We can’t wait to help you with all of your oral health needs!
Affordable Orthodontics in Houston, Texas
Types of Orthodontics
Types of Orthodontics
Orthodontic Procedure in Houston, Texas

Orthodontic Procedure in Houston

There are various methods to receive orthodontic treatment. The best course of action for you will depend on your specific problem.
The initial stage of any dental treatment involves determining the current position of your teeth and predicting their movement over time.
It often involves performing X-rays, producing dental models, and capturing images of your teeth.
You will then receive a treatment plan from your dentist on how to improve your dental health. This could provide you with multiple solutions for resolving your issue. Additionally, you can always talk with your dentist at Zara Dental about the choices you have.

Orthodontics Treatment Methods

The term “braces” refers to a series of dental appliances used to realign misaligned teeth and jaws. A standard dental procedure usually lasts from two to four years. The length of time varies on the kind and degree of the misalignment, the type of braces, and how well the patient cooperates with the dentist. Here are some types of orthodontics at Zara Dental in Houston:

Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Traditional metal wired bracThe most popular kind is traditional metal wired braces. The dentists bond them to the tooth's surface with special techniques. This provides a space for the teeth to settle when they shift.
Dentists can differentiate wired braces from other types based on their method of attachment to the tooth.


Removable Braces

Removable braces are active plates for the upper and lower jaws as well as practical orthodontic appliances. Dentists recommend active plates for children who are still in the process of developing their teeth. Active plates are for minor tooth movements in permanent treatment.



Invisalign is a method of teeth straightening that doesn't require the use of traditional metal braces. Invisalign is a customized set of transparent braces. Dentists apply braces to shift your teeth into proper alignment gradually. They are less noticeable than traditional braces due to their transparency and removability.



Dentists use retainers to prevent teeth from shifting back. Retainers serve the purpose of maintaining the new position of your teeth. Also, retainers play a crucial role in the success of your orthodontic treatment, as your teeth may shift without your knowledge. Removable and fixed retainers are two different types.

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment in Houston, Texas

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment in Houston

Your dental insurance or extended dental coverage should typically cover the cost of your procedure if you have it. But if you don’t have insurance or if your coverage is limited, you may want to know more about how much a certain service costs. In this case, you should ask for help from one of our skilled Zara Dental staff. They can help you come up with a payment plan that you can afford so you can get the dental care you need in Houston, Texas.

The Stages of Orthodocidncs Treatment in Houston

Orthodontic therapy normally consists of two steps. First, during the active phase, dental appliances like braces move the teeth into their correct positions for proper alignment and bite. Then, during the retention phase, a dentist recommends a retainer to maintain the teeth in their correct and new position for a longer duration.

Why Choose Our Orthodontists in Houston?

Traditional braces, transparent braces, fast braces, and Invisalign alignment trays are just a few of the efficient and affordable orthodontic treatment options we provide at Zara Dental in Houston. Your highly skilled and knowledgeable Zara dentist can go through all of these possibilities with you and assist you in deciding which one is best for you, your oral health, and your budget.

We want to ensure that every stage of the orthodontic treatment procedure is comfortable and anxiety-free for all of our patients, whether they are adults like you or children. We want you to smile, so our ultimate goal is to make you feel good, look good, and maintain a healthy mouth.

We Accept Most Insurance Companies

We will be glad to file a predetermination for you to verify coverage of any necessary dental treatment. And we accept most PPO insurances.