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Denture Treatment Can Restore Your Smile

Best Dentures in Houston, Texas

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What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable dental appliances. They serve to restore lost teeth. Healthy teeth and gums facilitate proper chewing and speaking. In addition, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile and facial features. Dentures are alternatively referred to as artificial teeth, false teeth, or fake teeth.

Get Your Denture in Houston

If you’re searching Houston for affordable dentures, then you have come to the right place. Not only are Zara’s denture services reasonable in price, but also their quality is top of the line.

Dentures, or false teeth, include both removable prosthetic devices as well as denture implants, and Zara Dental Services offers both types as part of its Houston Denture Services. If you are interested in removable dentures, you want the conventional kind. These are the types of dentures that you insert into your mouth and seal in place using a bonding paste. However, you might find that taking your dentures in and out is too troublesome. If so, you might choose to opt for dental implants, which in unison with a denture, can offer a fixed option for an otherwise removable denture.

Best Denture Treatment in Houston, Texas

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures can provide a range of benefits to individuals who have missing teeth or need tooth replacement. They can improve appearance, speech, chewing ability, and overall comfort while also being affordable and easy to maintain. If you are considering dentures, talking to your Zara dentist about your options and what type of denture best suits your needs is crucial.

Improved Appearance

Improved Appearance

Dentures can improve your appearance by filling in gaps caused by missing teeth and restoring the shape and volume of your face.



Dentures come in different types and can be made to fit your specific needs, whether you need a full or partial set of dentures.

Improved Chewing Ability

Improved Chewing Ability

Dentures can improve your ability to chew and eat properly, promoting better digestion and overall health.

Longer-Lasting Dental Work

Comfortable Fit

Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth and designed for maximum comfort, so you can easily wear them.



Dentures are a more affordable tooth replacement option compared to dental implants or bridges.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Dentures require minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a denture cleaner and brush.

Improved Speech

Improved Speech

Dentures can improve your speech by providing support to the cheeks and lips, which can help you speak more confidently and clearly.

Getting Ready for Your Dentures in Houston

It is common for patients to require some time to prepare themselves mentally before getting dentures. Studies have revealed that tooth loss can elicit emotions such as denial, anger, grief, and sadness in individuals. Moreover, you may experience a decrease in confidence or feel self-conscious while eating, speaking, or smiling.
Consult with our dentists at Zara Dental if you have concerns regarding dentures. Then, you may rest assured that everything will be OK.

Professional Dentures in Houston, Texas
Types of Dentures
Perfect Dentures in Houston, Texas

Who Needs Dentures?

If you require dentures, it is probable that you have experienced tooth loss as a result of tooth decay or some other type of periodontal disease. It is important to consider that dentures can improve not only the aesthetics of your smile and your self-esteem but also aid in chewing and speech. Let our team of compassionate and skilled dentists at Zara Dental provide you with dentures that will enhance your quality of life while also being affordable.

Type of Dentures

Two main kinds of dentures are:

Full Dentures: Patients typically use complete dentures when all the teeth in one jaw are missing. These dentures are fabricated from plastic.

Partial Dentures: When some natural teeth are missing while others remain, dentists recommend the use of partial dentures. The denture serves as a replacement for the absent teeth. These prosthetic teeth may be constructed from metal, plastic, or a combination of the two. Typically, they are secured in position by small metal clasps that either rest on or grasp the natural teeth. In order for dentures to function properly, it is necessary for the remaining teeth to be in a healthy condition.

How Should You Clean Removable Dentures?

Full or partial removable dentures need special care to stay clean, free of stains and look their best. For good denture care:

Clean Your Dentures

After consuming food, remove and clean your dentures by rinsing them. We recommend rinsing your dentures under running water in order to eliminate any food debris or loose particles. Please place a towel on the counter or in the sink, or alternatively, fill the sink with water to prevent any potential damage to the dentures in case of accidental dropping.

Handle Your Dentures with Care

Please handle your dentures with care. During cleaning, it is important to refrain from bending or damaging the plastic or clasps.

Clean Your Mouth

After removing your dentures, it is important to clean your mouth. We recommend utilizing a toothbrush with soft bristles for cleaning your natural teeth. Additionally, it is important to use either gauze or a toothbrush to clean your cheeks, tongue, and the roof of your mouth (palate). We also recommend thoroughly removing any residual denture adhesive from your gums after use.

Low Maintenance

We recommend brushing your dentures at least once daily for optimal oral hygiene. Every day, remove your dentures and clean them gently. Immerse the dentures in water and utilize a soft-bristled brush along with a nonabrasive denture cleanser to eliminate any food debris or plaque buildup. In order to remove any remaining glue, if you use denture adhesive, clean the crevices where your gums fit, and avoid putting denture cleansers in your mouth.

Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Soak your dentures overnight. To maintain their shape, most dentures require moisture retention. Therefore, we recommend soaking your dentures in water or a mild solution overnight. Consult your dentist to learn the appropriate method of storing your dentures overnight. Please adhere to the cleaning and soaking guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Rinse Your Dentures

Thoroughly rinse your dentures before reinserting them into your mouth, particularly if you utilize a soaking solution. In the event of ingestion, these solutions may cause discomfort, pain, or a burning sensation. It is important to seek immediate medical attention if this occurs.

Regular Dental Checkup

Schedule regular dental checkups with a dentist. How frequently you should get your dentures examined and cleaned by a professional depends on how often you visit your dentist at Zara Dental. Your dentist in Houston can help make sure your teeth fit right, so they don't move around or hurt you. They can also perform an intraoral examination to ensure the health of your oral cavity.

Visit a Dentist

Visit a dentist if you experience any looseness in your teeth. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with your dentist at Zara Dental immediately if you experience any movement of your dentures. Ill-fitting dentures can result in gum irritation, soreness, and potential infections.

Affordable Dentures in Houston, Texas

One of the Best Denture Treatments in Houston

Because of their misconceptions about how pleasant and expensive denture implants are, many people choose not to receive them. Customized dentures are more likely to provide you with comfort and less likely to cause any issues. In addition, the dental prostheses utilized presently differ from those utilized by previous generations. Our Dentists in Houston can use cutting-edge dental technology to create dentures that resemble your natural teeth. Because of this, individuals who receive dentures are happily surprised by all the positive things they are capable of. Among other things, they can assist you in regaining your stunning smile.

Your dentures are an investment for your future. When you’re ready to start the process of getting dentures, book an appointment on our website for our initial examination or call us to make an appointment.

Adjusting of Dentures
Adjusting of Dentures

We Accept Most Insurance Companies

We will be glad to file a predetermination for you to verify coverage of any necessary dental treatment. And we accept most PPO insurances.