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Looking for One of the Best Adult Braces Clinics in Houston?

Children are not the only ones who can benefit from braces. Adults, regardless of age, benefit more than ever from orthodontic treatment such as adult braces in Houston.

Adult Braces in Houston, Texas

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What Are Adult Braces?

Our orthodontists utilizes dental braces to align and reposition your teeth for improved function and aesthetics. Furthermore, orthodontic braces can aid in maintaining optimal dental health over time. Additionally, dentists can facilitate comfortable and enjoyable eating experiences. Orthodontic appliances such as adult braces gradually shift your teeth in the correct direction by applying gentle force. The force exerted on your teeth causes the underlying jaw bones to undergo remodelling, resulting in tooth and root movement.

If your smile isn’t perfect, you may feel like you’ve missed an opportunity. Typically, orthodontic treatment with braces is initiated during childhood or adolescence. However, your age is not the most significant factor in this situation from a dental perspective. Orthodontic treatment can be a viable option for adults as well.

What is crucial, nonetheless, is to maintain optimal oral health by ensuring healthy teeth and gums. Unfortunately, adult dental braces may not be a suitable option for individuals with advanced gum disease or tooth loss. To determine your eligibility for adult braces, we recommend that you seek the advice of a dentist who specializes in orthodontics.

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Benefits of Adult Braces
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Why Do You Need Adult Braces?

Like kids and teenagers, adults can also benefit from orthodontic services, and Zara Dental Services in Houston offers affordable braces for adults. If you are seeking to align your teeth and enhance your bite or have already obtained braces from another provider, Zara Dental can assist you in managing the complexities of dealing with braces as an adult.

Adult Braces Procedure

We typically assess the state of your teeth to determine the appropriate course of action for your adult braces treatment.

When you have misaligned teeth, the typical course of treatment involves three fundamental steps:

  • Our dentists utilize brackets, an archwire, and occasionally bands resembling rings to secure the braces.
  • At Zara Dental, our orthodontists periodically adjust braces until they are properly positioned. Following an orthodontic adjustment or tightening, it is common to experience some discomfort in the oral cavity for a few days.
  • Following the removal of your braces, it is necessary to wear a retainer to maintain the position of your teeth.


Adult braces typically require a treatment duration of one to three years, and it is crucial to maintain proper oral hygiene throughout this period. To ensure the effectiveness of braces, it is crucial to maintain a daily oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing, following a nutritious and balanced diet, and scheduling regular dental check-ups.

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Adult Braces Near Me

At Zara Dental, we try to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while you are here. We walk you through each step of the process of adult braces and give you the care and support you need, no matter what your smile looks like now. You will soon have a great smile that makes you feel good every day.

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Benefits of Adults Braces

Apart from improving aesthetic appeal, orthodontics provides the following benefits:

  • Less chance of gum damage and injury from malocclusion and overbite.
  • Less likely to get tooth decay
  • Improvement of self-esteem
  • Better teeth function, such as better chewing and clearer speech and pronunciation.


To accomplish this, the dentists utilize tools such as headgear, plates, and braces, in addition to other dental and medical instruments.

What Are Clear Adult Braces?

Clear braces are a type of orthodontic appliance that can correct misaligned teeth, including overbites and underbites. Clear braces are custom-made aligners designed to fit the patient’s mouth and exert pressure on the teeth to move them to the desired position. Unlike traditional metal braces, clear braces are not visible as they are made of transparent material. Clear braces are transparent plastic or acrylic material and are conveniently detachable for the purpose of brushing, eating, and flossing.

Who Needs Clear Braces?

We typically do not recommend clear braces for adolescent and adult patients as they involve the patient in removing and wearing the aligner. Furthermore, These dental appliances are primarily for patients with mild malocclusion or minor spacing and crowding issues. These types of braces may not be suitable for individuals with significant orthodontic issues. Clear aligners are an excellent option for individuals seeking to achieve straighter teeth without undergoing the process of traditional metal braces.

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Benefits of Clear Adult Braces

Zara Dental’s Clear Braces offer effective treatment with a discreet and customizable design, making them an increasingly popular choice for orthodontic patients of all ages in Houston, Texas.

Discreet Appearance

Discreet Appearance

Clear braces are tooth-colored or clear materials that blend in with the natural color of teeth. This makes them much less noticeable than traditional metal braces, which can concern many adults who want to maintain a professional appearance.

Effective Treatment

Effective Treatment

Clear braces are as effective as metal braces for straightening teeth and correcting bite issues. They use the same principles of applying gentle, constant pressure to shift teeth into the desired position over time.



Clear braces are smooth and comfortable, with no sharp edges that can irritate the inside of your mouth. They also require fewer adjustments than traditional braces, which means fewer visits to the orthodontist.



We can customize clear braces for you so they can fit your individual needs and preferences. They come in various materials, sizes, and shapes to match each patient's specific needs and can even be colorful or patterned bands for a fun, personalized touch.

Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain

Clear braces require the same basic care as traditional braces, with regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. However, because clear braces are ceramic materials, they are less prone to staining than metal braces, making them easier to keep clean and maintain their discreet appearance.

Why Choose Zara Dental for Adult Braces in Houston

You may have several inquiries while contemplating adult braces. You may require additional details regarding Invisalign, ceramic braces, metal braces, or headgear. It is understandable to have concerns regarding the duration of your adult braces treatment and the frequency of your wire adjustments. In addition, you may be concerned about the level of discomfort and pain you may encounter during the procedure.

At Zara Dental Services in Houston, we strive to ensure that all of our highly qualified, experienced, and friendly doctors and staff will answer your questions. And we will be by your side explaining each step in the process, from the beginning x-rays and molds to what you can expect when the braces come off. So contact us today so we can straighten out any twisted thoughts you might have about dental braces in Houston, Texas.

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