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Sedation Dentistry in Houston, Texas

Overcome Your Dental Phobia with Sedation Dentistry

Affordable Sedation Dentistry in Texas

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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Some people are really afraid of visiting the dentist. Depending on the severity of the patient’s worry, dentists may use sedative medications to calm the patient down during various dental operations. Although it’s a common misconception that this medicine puts patients to sleep, most patients are awake during dental procedures. Patients who receive general anesthesia for discomfort are the exceptions. Oral sedatives, IV mild sedatives, and minimally sedative medicines breathed (laughing gas) are the different types of sedative treatments. No matter which type of sedation a patient chooses, they will also receive local anesthesia at the mouth’s working site of the dentist.



Our Sedation Specialist
Dr. Amer A. Quaddoura

Dr. Amer A. Quaddoura takes on a pivotal role overseeing the Sedation Dentistry department at Zara Dental in Houston, TX. With an exceptional combination of expertise and an illustrious academic background, Dr. Quaddoura is a prominent figure of excellence within the field. His extensive background, alongside being board-certified in anesthesiology, has firmly established his reputation as a reliable authority in ensuring patient comfort and serenity during dental procedures. After honing his skills through a residency and a subsequent Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at The University of Maryland, Dr. Quaddoura’s proficiency expands beyond the conventional boundaries of dentistry. Patients at Zara Dental reap the rewards of his wealth of knowledge and unwavering commitment to their safety, resulting in truly outstanding dental experiences.


Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

 If so, here comes sedation dentistry. Thanks to the progress of dental science, you have nothing to worry about for any dental service you need, such as dental implants, tooth extraction, root canal, etc.

Call us today and give yourself the oral care and hygiene you deserve.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Zara Dental?

At Zara Dental, sedation dentistry helps you overcome anxieties so that you can feel quiet and at ease while receiving dental treatment. Additionally, you could require fewer visits because the dentists at Zara Dental can frequently complete their procedures more quickly under anesthesia. Finally, a lot of people avoid visiting the dentist altogether because they are so terrified of it. Thanks to sedation dentistry, you become more at ease so you can receive the treatment you require and deserve.

Who Needs Sedation Dentistry Services?

Sedation is typically only appropriate for people whose fear or anxiety prevents them from visiting the dentist. People with poor pain thresholds could also require sedative medications, possibly because of their sensitive teeth. Patients with weak gag reflexes or those requiring extensive dental procedures in a single appointment may also use sedative medications. Sedation dentistry also helps those who have trouble remaining still in the dentist’s chair, notably young children.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Houston

Zara Dental, located in Houston, Texas, has only one goal. Our main goal is to treat patients in a comfortable and relaxing way by using sedation dentistry services. You can make an appointment with our consultation team to get answers to your questions. It’s time to get over your fear and call Zara Dental Houston to make an appointment. Book your first appointment on our website.

What Happens Before Sedation Dentistry Services at Zara Dental?

During your initial appointment, you and your dentist will discuss your sedation choices. We will first discuss your medical history and inquire about any medications or dietary supplements you may be using. After we have all the essential data, they will then provide sedative recommendations based on your needs.
Most of the time, you should wait at least seven hours before your dentist appointment before drinking or eating anything. You should continue taking all of your usual medications without interruption unless your dentist instructs you otherwise.
But be sure to let your dentist know if you take blood thinners like warfarin. We might advise you to stop using these medications a few days before your surgery.

Who Can Be a Candidate for Sedation Dental Treatment in Houston?

Most people who require anesthesia avoid going to the dentist because they are terrified or apprehensive about it.

Sedation dentistry might also be a good option for:

  • Can’t stand the pain
  • Need a lot of dental procedures
  • Unable to sit still in the dentist’s chair
  • Have a bad gag reflex

The dentist will give a child medication to put them to sleep if they are resistant to going to the dentist or are afraid of them. Most children may safely breathe nitrous oxide, and practically any dentist is able to provide it to them. Sadly, less than half of pediatric dentists have the requisite education to give oral sedation to young patients. Oral sedation can be safe if the child only receives the dosage called for by their age and weight.


How Many Types of Sedation Dentistry Are There?

You can choose from different types of sedation dentistry at Zara Dental in Houston based on your needs. Things that can make a difference include your anxiety level, your procedure length, your health history, and your preferences. But the most common ways to use sedation in dentistry are nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and intravenous (IV) sedation.


Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is also known as "laughing gas." Patients inhale nitrous oxide through a mask or nosepiece, and after three to five minutes, it begins to relax them. Your dentist determines the level of sedation you get and adjusts it as necessary throughout the course of the treatment. In addition, your dentist will administer pure oxygen to you after your procedure to help you get rid of the nitrous oxide. Because the laughing gas leaves your body so fast, you'll be able to drive yourself home after the dentist visit.

Handle Your Dentures with Care

IV Sedation

IV sedation is the strongest type of conscious sedation used in a dentist's practice. You receive sedatives from your dentist via an IV line that enters your bloodstream directly. Your dentist checks your blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level during your procedure. Then, they can alter your dosage at any moment and, if necessary, employ medications to undo the effects. Most people who have IV sedation dentistry fall asleep, and when they wake up, they don't remember much, if anything, about their treatment.

Oral Sedatives

Oral Sedatives

An oral sedative's unexpected ability to both keep you awake and numb your organs during the treatment is what makes it so useful. This implies that you are pain-free and able to observe everything that happens to your teeth. Because it takes time to work, you typically take it an hour before your treatment.

Types of Sedation

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