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What are Retainers?

A retainer is an orthodontic device that assists the teeth “retain” their current position. As the teeth settle into the soft tissue and jawbone that hold them in position, they are susceptible to shifting. Retainers prevent the molars from shifting as the patient ages. A retainer may be composed of wire and plastic or plastic alone. A retainer is custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth and teeth precisely. Typically, a retainer made of solid plastic is completely transparent, but it will likely be more expensive. Depending on the variety, you can wear a retainer over the teeth or behind the teeth.

Get Your Retainers in Houston

If you want your teeth to stay straight after you take off your braces, you need to wear a retainer. This tool keeps your teeth in the right place for a long time. Follow your Zara dentist’s instructions about how to wear a retainer for the best results.

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When Do I Need Retainers?

After removing their braces, patients must use a retainer to safeguard their orthodontic investment. After spending several years and thousands of dollars straightening your teeth, you do not want to struggle with crooked teeth again. Some patients must wear their retainer constantly, while others will only need to do so intermittently. Retainers can be removable or permanent. The optimal type for a patient varies by circumstance. In some instances, a patient may only wear their retainer at night or during the day.

What Are the Different Kinds of Dental Retainers?

There are mainly two kinds of retainers:

  • Fixed retainers that stay in your mouth.
  • Removable retainers that you can take out.

Numerous dentists straighten teeth with a combination of fixed and permanent retainers. You can have both types simultaneously. All retainers maintain teeth in place for many years.

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What Are Fixed Retainers?

Fixed retainers, or permanent retainers, adhere to your teeth with a glue-like bonding agent. You cannot remove this type of retainer on your own. Commonly placed on the upper, lower, and front teeth to prevent displacement and separation over time.

What Are Removable Retainers?

You can put and remove removable retainers from your mouth. Traditional retainers consist of a wire piece connected to a plastic (or acrylic) piece. Clear retainers are also plastic, but they contain no conductors. Both will perfectly match the shape of your dentition.

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Retainers at Zara Dental, Houston

At Zara Dental in Houston, Texas, we focus on making sure the treatment fits the patient, and we have years of experience straightening smiles and keeping them that way. So call us today to get in touch with Zara Dental’s trained staff and gain your beautiful smile! You can also book your appointment on our website.
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Dental Retainer for Children

How to Encourage Your Child to Wear a Retainer

When your infant first begins wearing their retainer, their teeth may experience discomfort. Despite the fact that this is typical, they may not wish to wear their retainer. It can be difficult to convince your child to wear a retainer, but there are ways to make it enjoyable and simple for the entire family:

  • Be patient, and don’t get tired of reminding your child to wear the retainer. This new habit can take a while to form.
  • Reward your child when they wear their retainer, especially in the first few weeks.
  • Put a note in your child’s retainer case that you wrote. Then, when your child opens the case, this could be a fun surprise.

It can be difficult to convince your child to wear their retainer every day for an extended period. However, educating them on the purpose of retainers and reminding them to wear them when they neglect them can go a long way. Your child should make it a habit to wear a retainer for the remainder of their life, just as a beautiful smile is a lifelong commitment.

What Advantages Do Retainers Offer?

Your teeth will be perfectly straight upon removal of your braces. When you wear a retainer, your teeth remain in the correct position, so the results are permanent. With consistent use of a tooth retainer, all of the efforts you put into procuring and wearing braces will pay off.

How Long Do I Need to Wear a Teeth Retainer?

After removing your braces, you should wear your removable retainer for at least a year, and for the first four to six months, you may need to wear it constantly.

The duration of time you must wear a retainer, however, will vary depending on the type of orthodontic treatment you received.

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If I Don't Wear My Retainer, What Happens?

Teeth alter naturally over time. The teeth will wiggle and change if you do not wear your retainer. They may become uneven, too close together, or misaligned. You may also develop an overbite. Therefore, our dentists will advise you to wear a retainer after removing your braces.

If My Retainer Breaks, What Do I Do?

Immediately fix a broken retainer. Broken wires can poke at your gums or lips and make them sore. It’s unlikely that you can fix your retainer at home. If your retainer breaks, you should see your dentist or orthodontist at Zara Dental in Houston.

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Retainer from Getting Broken or Lost:

  • When eating, remove your retainer from your mouth.
  • Put the retainer back in its case when you aren’t wearing it.
  • Don’t chew gum while wearing a retainer.
  • Put the retainer in its case before you put it in your pocket or purse.
  • Don’t wrap your retainer in a napkin because it could be easy to throw away by accident.
  • Keep pets away from your retainer so they can’t chew it.
  • Don’t leave your teeth retainer in a hot place where it could melt, like a car or stovetop.
  • Always brush and floss your teeth well before putting your retainer back in.
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