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Family Dentistry in Houston

Best Family Dentistry in Houston, Texas

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What Is Family Dentistry?

You may have come across the term family dentistry frequently and may have pondered about its implications on the dental care that you can receive. Family dentistry is a type of dental practice that provides comprehensive oral health care services for individuals of all ages throughout their lifetime. In addition, our family dentists offer a variety of specialized services, including fillings, cleanings, and tooth replacement procedures.
Some family dentistry practices provide cosmetic dentistry services in addition to regular dental care. One advantage of this is that you can receive a wider range of dental services without the need to look for another reliable dentist.

Professional Family Dentistry in Houston, Texas
Family Dentistry Services in Houston, Texas

Family dentists: What Do They Do?

Family dentists typically concentrate on general dentistry and techniques to maintain optimal oral health.

In addition, here are some of the most common things family dentists do:

Making Room For Orthodontic Treatment​

Dental Exams & Dental Checkups

Routine dental cleanings and check-ups are crucial for patients of every age. Regular dental check-ups sould be done every six months.

Fluoride Treatments & Sealants

Fluoride Treatments & Sealants

Both fluoride treatments and dental sealants are excellent strategies to prevent cavities, which are particularly prevalent in children's teeth.

Checks for Cavities & Fillings

Checks for Cavities & Fillings

Although tooth decay is a prevalent condition in youngsters, it is avoidable. The majority of family dentists are skilled at detecting cavities and filling them. In addition, they offer dental decay treatment to patients of all ages.

Orthodontics Services

Orthodontics Services

Not all family dentists have the expertise to perform orthodontic procedures in their own practices. Nevertheless, we provide orthodontic evaluations and can recommend you to an orthodontist if required.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Treatment for Gum Disease

Family dentists typically treat gum disease patients with scaling and root planing and periodontal therapy.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Regularly visiting a family dentistry practice has the advantage of fulfilling all your family’s dental requirements in one location. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with children. It is advisable to take your child to a dentist who possesses the necessary expertise and experience to cater to their specific dental needs and deliver the desired outcomes. However, while pediatric dentists may meet these criteria, they may not possess the same level of expertise in addressing the dental needs of adults. Individuals of all age groups can consult with a dentist or a team of dentists, thereby eliminating the need to change dental practitioners.

Perfect Family Dentistry in Houston, Texas
Benefits of Family Dentistry
Benefits of Family Dentistry

Trusted Family Dentists in Houston, Texas

Sticking with a trusted dentist for your family’s oral health needs can provide a sense of safety and security. You can rest assured that any treatment will be precise and that you will be satisfied with the results. Moreover, you need not be concerned about the safety and professionalism of services provided by a new specialized branch or general dentist if you opt for an honest and qualified family dentist for your dental health requirements.

To find out more about visiting a family dentist in Houston or to book your family an appointment, please contact us at 713-766-1122, or book an appointment on our website.

Trusted Family Dentist in Houston, Texas
Affordable Family Dentistry in Houston, Texas

General Dentists Vs. Family Dentists

Family dentists undergo extensive training similar to that of general dentists. In order to treat patients, family dentists obtain a bachelor’s degree and complete dental school. Also, they perform similar procedures to those of a general dentist.

It is important to note that family dentists provide dental care services to individuals of all age groups. They can provide comprehensive dental care for your entire family in a single location, eliminating the need to visit multiple dentists.

Furthermore, they educate individuals of all ages on the appropriate techniques for maintaining proper oral hygiene. Our family dentists will ensure that you and your family develop and maintain proper dental hygiene practices at home. This includes educating young children on proper brushing techniques and demonstrating to elderly patients how to clean their dentures effectively.

It is important to ensure that every member of your family has a positive experience during their dental visits.

 At Zara Dental in Houston, we take care of all your dental needs in a calm, friendly setting. The days of needing to visit multiple offices for dental exams are long gone.

Family Dentists Vs. Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists only treat children younger than 18 years of age. At the age of 18, adolescents must visit a general or family dentist.
Family dentists treat patients of multiple age groups. They serve patients of all ages. Additionally, they are able to treat oral diseases in infants and adults. However, it makes sense to visit a pediatric dentist if your child has special needs or oral diseases that only affect children. Pediatric dentists may be better equipped to cope with fearful children.
If a general dentist deems it necessary, they may refer you to a pediatric dentist.

Family Dentistry vs Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, Texas
Cheap Family Dentist in Houston, Texas

Why Choose Zara Dental Family Dentist?

Life is hectic, and having children only makes it busier. Zara Dental is here to make your life simpler by providing you and your entire family with excellent dental care. No need to visit multiple dentists to maintain the health and beauty of your family’s dentition; we have everything you need.
Not only is it convenient to have all of your dental requirements met in one location, but it also makes it easier for your entire family to receive the same level of care. In addition, our dentists work hard to encourage families to communicate in a manner that facilitates sound decision-making.

Zara Dental Family Dentistry in Houston Will Improve Your Family's Dental Health

Family dentistry is a unique field of dentistry that provides a comprehensive array of dental services without focusing on any specific area. Our family dentists offer dental check-ups for patients of all ages and perform a variety of procedures, including routine cleanings, teeth whitening, fillings, and tooth replacement. Unlike orthodontists who focus on teeth alignment, periodontists who specialize in gum treatment, pediatric dentists for children, and general dentists for adults, family dentists provide dental care for individuals of all ages.

We Accept Most Insurance Companies

We will be glad to file a predetermination for you to verify coverage of any necessary dental treatment. And we accept most PPO insurances.