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Since custom abutments are precisely designed to meet the tissue crest, these abutments provide higher precision. To get a better match for the teeth, custom abutments can be gold or zirconia.

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What Is Custom Abutment?

In the field of dentistry, the term abutment pertains to a connecting component. Custom abutments secure a bridge or dentures or affix a removable denture, crown, or filling to a dental implant fixture. When designing bridges, it is important to ensure that the abutments are in a way that allows for the teeth to be inserted as parallel to each other as possible. In the case of partial dentures, dental specialists may utilize techniques such as re-contouring, guide planes, and rest seats on abutments. Finally, a screw attaches a dental implant to a prosthetic abutment. Proper tightening of the screw during attachment is crucial to prevent any potential loosening of the implant while chewing.

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Types Of Custom Abutments

Dental implant abutments, also known as prosthetic implant abutments, can be made from different materials such as gold, surgical-grade stainless steel, and titanium. Most contemporary abutments in dentistry are composed of zirconia, a type of white ceramic material. This material enhances the appearance of your teeth. In addition, ceramic abutments provide a more natural look to ceramic crowns. However, the choice of material for the abutment and crown depends on the tooth’s location. For posterior teeth, where the chewing force is higher, a stronger material might be preferred by your dentist.

Naturally, you will discuss these options with your skilled dentist at Zara Dental Services, and they will help you decide which course of action is ideal for your unique situation.

Benefits of Custom Abutment
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Benefits of Custom Abutments

  1. Perfect Fit: To ensure that your prosthetic teeth fit comfortably and securely, custom abutments perfectly match your implant post.
  2. Improved Aesthetics: Custom abutments can be fabricated to correspond with the contour and shade of your existing dentition, augmenting the aesthetic appeal of your smile.
  3. Better Stability: Custom abutments offer enhanced stability and support to the prosthetic tooth, thereby minimizing the likelihood of damage or displacement.
  4. Increased Durability: Custom abutments are made using top-notch materials that possess high durability and wear resistance properties. This enhances the longevity of your dental implant.
  5. Reduced Risk of Infection: Custom abutments can be designed with a smooth surface to discourage bacterial growth, which can help reduce the risk of infection and other oral health problems.
  6. Better Functionality: Custom abutments can improve the functionality of your prosthetic teeth, making it easier to bite, chew, and speak.
  7. Comfortable and Non-Irritating: Custom abutments are designed to be comfortable and non-irritating to your gums and other oral tissues, reducing the risk of discomfort or inflammation.
  8. Easy Maintenance: Custom abutments are simple to clean and maintain, requiring only routine brushing and flossing.
Custom Abutment Procedure in Houston, Texas
Custom Abutment Procedure in Houston, Texas

Why Choose Custom Abutments?

Each smile is unique in its own way. Rather than opting for a pre-made dental implant abutment, it is possible to obtain a customized one that is tailored to your specific requirements. An increasing number of dentists are utilizing custom-milled abutments to enhance the placement and performance of dental implants. Customized abutments, which are especially helpful when fixing front teeth, have the following benefits:

  • Ensures a passive fit
  • Made to fit the exact gingival architecture of the patient
  • Gives the best emergence profile and a more natural result.
  • Makes it easier to change the angle of the implant
  • Minimizes the necessity for adjustments
  • Chair-side adjustments that are quicker and easier
  • Offers more options for materials (gold and zirconia)
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Custom Abutment in Houston, Texas

Call Zara Dental in Houston today to find out more about why we recommend custom abutments when redesigning your smile. We recognize the significance of providing patients with the highest potential long-term return on their dental implant investment. Please book your appointment today on our website.
Custom Abutment Cost in Houston, Texas
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Custom Abutment Vs. Stock Abutment

A dental laboratory fabricates customized abutments. By taking an impression, the dentist obtains a visual representation of the implant’s location and the condition of the surrounding gum tissue. The dental laboratory subsequently fabricates an abutment that closely mimics a natural tooth’s appearance and emergence profile. The customized abutment, designed to mimic the support of natural gum tissue, will precisely fit onto the implant.

Dental implant companies manufacture stock abutments. Although these prefabricated abutments may fit precisely into the implant, they often lack the appropriate contour and morphology. The outcome frequently involves abutments that are either oversized or undersized, failing to contour the gingival tissue appropriately. As a result, the crown’s appearance appears quite unnatural. Furthermore, it is common for patients to express dissatisfaction with the appearance of their margins, citing discoloration and difficulty in maintaining proper hygiene.

Cost of Houston Custom Abutments

Your dental insurance or extended dental coverage may usually cover the cost of your custom abutment. In any case, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our committed and knowledgeable staff members for assistance if you don’t have insurance or if you’d need more information regarding the price of a certain service. They can assist in creating a budget-friendly payment schedule so you can receive the necessary dental care.

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