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Implants Supported Denture in Houston, Texas

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Missing teeth are a common occurrence for many people as they age. In spite of the most diligent attention to your oral health, sometimes this dental condition simply cannot be helped. It could be the result of teeth that are difficult to clean because of their placement in your mouth — for example, those that are located very far back — or it could simply be because of genetics that leaves you prone to dental decay. One treatment option is implants supported denture.

Of course, missing teeth can occur at any age. In addition to decay, disease and injury are other common reasons that could result in gaps in between your teeth. Regardless of how you came to be missing teeth, it’s important to know that this is a condition that has a number of different solutions.

While many people feel embarrassed because of their missing teeth, these gaps could also cause your other teeth to shift. The result could be that your facial structure changes or that your ability to chew is compromised. Implants supported dentures provide you with a viable, beautiful and functional solution to missing teeth.

What are Implants Supported Dentures?

Dentures are the first thing that many people think about when they are considering options to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, dentures have a poor reputation due to their ill-fitting nature and the fact that they often require adhesive to keep them in place.

If this is what you think about dentures, it’s time to rethink the possibilities they offer. Compared to traditional dentures that simply rest on top of the gums, implants supported dentures are attached to posts that are inserted in your jaw. The dentures that work with these implants are specially designed to simply snap onto these posts. In some cases, these dentures are permanently affixed to the implants so they function more like your natural teeth.

Either the upper or lower jaw can be used for implants supported dentures. The lower jaw tends to be more common because traditional dentures aren’t as stable being used in that location.

Implants Supported Denture in Houston, Texas

How Much do Implants Supported Dentures Cost?

The cost of implants supported dentures varies depending on individual factors. A few of these include where your missing teeth are located in your mouth, the number of missing teeth, if you’ll need to have a procedure that builds up your bone before the implants are installed and more.

In some cases, your dental insurance could cover the costs of implants supported dentures. Additionally, using a health savings account (HSA) can help you save up for this procedure. Dental professionals also know that the cost of implants supported dentures can be a lot to come up with at one time so some offer payment plans and financing to help spread the cost out more. Click here to learn more how much dentures cost in Houston, Texas.

As a general ballpark figure, implants supported dentures can range between $1,500 and $4,000. This amount includes only the custom porcelain dentures. It does not include other services such as sedation, pre-implantation procedures or the implant placement itself.

Who is a Candidate for Implants Supported Dentures?

You’re an ideal candidate for implants supported dentures if you don’t have any teeth in your jaw. However, you need to have a sufficient amount of bone still in that jaw so that the implants can be supported. This is required so that the dental implants have the structure needed to provide you with the best experience and results.

Implants Retained Dentures vs Implants Supported Dentures

There have been many exciting updates and innovations in the dental field in the past several years. This is especially true when it comes to dentures. With these breakthroughs comes the ability for people to gain back their natural-looking smile while also enjoying much of the same functionality they experienced with their natural teeth.

While these innovations provided hope and promise for many people who are missing teeth, they also ushered in confusion and questions regarding the different types of dentures. One of the most commonly-misunderstood aspects of dentures is the difference between implant retained dentures and implant supported dentures.

  • Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are held in place using a dental implant. Because they require fewer dental implants, they can be made from a range of different materials. Mini implants can be used with implant retained dentures. You can eat and talk without worrying about these dentures moving around or coming out.

Most of the force of your bite is situated on your gums. This gives them significant bite force, but they won’t fully replace the kind of power that is present in your natural bite. You should take implant retained dentures out each night and thoroughly clean them. This helps them last longer and improves the way they look.

  • Implants Supported Dentures

While there are some similarities between implants supported dentures and implants retained dentures, there are important differences you need to know about so you can make the right choice for your needs. Of course, your dentist will also provide you with a professional recommendation based on their experience, expertise and the results of your consultation.

Because implants supported dentures have more dental implants than implants retained dentures, they are designed to take the full force of your bite — just like your natural teeth. They do this by evenly distributing the force of your bite through the dental implants and into the supporting bone structure underneath of them.

Implants supported dentures need more dental implants and require that you have a sufficient amount of bone to support them. In many cases, mini implants cannot be used. This type of denture is also less likely to be removable.

Implants supported dentures fit seamlessly into today’s lifestyle. They provide the force you need to eat hard to chew foods like meats, fruits and vegetables. You’ll also be able to have your teeth in place at all times of the day and night — even when you first wake up.

Implants Supported Denture Pictures

Below, you’ll find a few pictures of implants supported dentures to give you an idea of how they look and what they can do for your smile.

How to Clean Implants Supported Denture

Just like regular dentures, implants supported dentures need daily care. Your dental professional will advise you on the preferred method of care and cleaning implants supported dentures. It typically is as easy as gently brushing all surfaces of the dentures and the gum area. A special brush might be recommended.

While dentures supported by implants aren’t as likely to be removable, if you do have this kind, you shouldn’t sleep with them. Instead, remove them each night before going to bed. Gently cleaning them using a small specially-designed brush and the toothpaste your dental team recommends, if any. Your dental professional might also tell you to leave them in a cleaning solution overnight.

It’s important to not use regular toothpaste when cleaning your implants supported dentures. Because toothpastes are designed to be used on natural teeth, they often contain chemicals and other materials that whiten teeth and make them stronger. Dentures — which are made of a hard and durable plastic that is designed to look like your natural teeth — can be harmed by the ingredients in regular toothpaste.

Implants Supported Partial Dentures

Implants supported partial dentures could be a valid option for you if you’re missing only a few teeth. Instead of using clasps that are visible or needing to be secured with special denture adhesive, these implants supported dentures are held in place using titanium implants that have been securely implanted in your jawbone.

Because of the structure of implants supported partial dentures, you can once again enjoy biting, chewing and talking in a normal manner. You won’t have to be concerned about having loose or drooping dentures while you’re chewing or talking.

Instead, these implants are incredibly stable and they are actually good for your teeth. Not only can they last you a lifetime, but they can also encourage the growth of new bone where your teeth are missing. This is in sharp contrast to traditional dentures that allow you to continue to experience the loss of bone and/or its resorption.

How Does Implants Supported Denture Work?

Implants supported dentures start with an acrylic base that is designed to look like your natural gums. Artificial teeth that are made of either acrylic or porcelain are created that look like your natural teeth. These high-quality materials not only ensure that your dentures look natural, but they also help them function as effectively and efficiently as natural teeth.

Where to Get Implants Supported Denture?

Implants supported dentures are the preferred choice for people today who are missing teeth. They are perfect for those who want a beautiful smile that they can be proud of that also allows them to effectively bite and chew. Whether you are just missing a few or your entire jawbone has no natural teeth, there is a particular type of implants supported dentures that addresses your unique situation.

If you’re looking online for “implants supported dentures near me” and you live in Houston Texas or the surrounding areas, then you’ll find that you have a range of options to choose from. It’s important to remember that — like almost every other aspect of life — the results you experience depend heavily on the skill, expertise and experience of the person who is delivering the services to you. This is especially important when it comes to something like your oral health and your smile. After all, your smile is often the first impression that someone has of you.

At Zara Dental, we specialize in providing you with a full range of options for addressing missing and damaged teeth. Our Houston, Texas office is conveniently located on Bissonnet Street. We know how important your smile is to your happiness and quality of life. This is why Zara Dental offers comprehensive dental care, financing options and a compassionate team. Ready to get your dentures? Contact us at 713-766-1122 today or book an appointment online for a free consultation and initial x-ray.

Don’t forget to learn more about the benefits of immediate dentures.

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