Simple Tips For Preventing Gingivitis

Floss to Prevent Gingivitis in Houston, Texas

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Typically speaking, gingivitis is the result of poor oral hygiene that ultimately results in plaque building up on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky film that is invisible and that is primarily composed of bacteria. Plaque forms as a result of sugars and starches that are present in food. When sugars and starches interact with the bacteria normally present in the mouth the end result is a buildup of plaque. Brushing the teeth twice a day and flossing helps to remove plaque on a regular basis.

Prev2nting Gingivitis in Houston, Texas

It Is Always A Good Idea To Stay Ahead Of The Situation

Most alarming of all is the fact that when plaque is allowed to remain on the teeth for an extended period of time it eventual build up something known as tartar. Most notable of all is that tarter is far more difficult to remove than plaque. That is why it is always a good idea to stay ahead of the situation and remove plaque throughout the day. Brushing and flossing at regular intervals and having professional dental cleanings are a great way to keep teeth healthy, strong and attractive.

Visit Your Dentist Twice Each Year to Prevent Gingivitis

Finally, the best way to reduce the chances of experiencing gingivitis is to maintain good dental hygiene at all times. Starting at an early age, it is important to develop routines and practices that contribute to good oral hygiene. A thorough cleaning with a toothbrush and floss should take 3 to 5 minutes to be fully effective. As an added note, it is always a good idea to visit your dentist twice each year for a general checkup. Maintaining strong and healthy teeth contributes to overall health and wellness. Contact Zara Dental today to learn more about Houston dental checkups that are affordable and reliable.

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