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Crowns are a unique and innovative way of repairing teeth. Dental crowns offer an effective technology that has been around for many decades. With that said, crowns often require a little more care when it comes to maintaining this important dental restoration methodology. Typically speaking, crowns are often used to repair a tooth that has become cracked or damaged over time due to the presence of a large filling. Considered highly effective in restoring teeth, crowns do require careful attention in order to preserve them for the long term.

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Gum Disease

For example, brushing and flossing should be an important part of maintaining crowns just as it is an important part of maintaining healthy natural teeth. This includes brushing at least twice a day or after each meal. This helps to remove bacteria and food particles that can be harmful to a crown and ultimately cause an infection or gum disease. In addition, taking particular care when chewing can help to preserve a crown. A dental crown just like a tooth can crack.

Rapid Changes In Temperature Are Bad for Dental Crowns

Hard foods and sticky foods can cause damage to crown work. A crown can be jarred loose, damaged or come completely separated from the actual tooth it is designed to protect. Equally important is to avoid abrupt temperature changes when eating foods or drinking liquids. Because crowns are made of porcelain they can easily become cracked when exposed to rapid changes in temperature. Ultimately, if a crown becomes damaged it is important to meet with your dental care provider as soon as possible. All these smart strategies combined with regular dental visits and avoiding sugary foods can go a long way in keeping crowns, teeth and all other types of dental work healthy for the long term. Contact Zara Dental for a Houston dentist that has an impressive reputation throughout the community.

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