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Have you ever heard of cases where an individual may need to do tooth extractions for braces, orthodontics treatment? Tooth extraction for braces may be a necessity if you want to achieve quality results and improv your smile. Before your dentist remove the tooth, the orthodontist weighs all the other options, and extraction is the final resort.

You may be wondering, why do orthodontists pull teeth? In cases where you have too many teeth in mouth, they may remove some teeth to help in the proper alignment of your teeth. The tooth extraction process may be nerve-racking. However, if an expert orthodontist performs the extraction procedure, the process will be effective and comfortable. Here we will focus on when and the reasons for removing teeth for braces orthodontic treatment.

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the process of pulling out a tooth from your mouth. The orthodontist may extract your teeth when treating you for orthodontic care to achieve a healthy bite, straight teeth, and attractive smile.

They may also perform tooth extraction if you have too many teeth in your mouth, which affects your bite and alignment. The extraction process may take place during or prior to the orthodontic treatment. It is important to note that not all orthodontic treatments require tooth extractions.

Based on your diagnosis, the orthodontist may suggest that you get one to four teeth removed. During the treatment of asymmetry in traumatic biting, you may need to remove one or three teeth (odd number). There are several factors that your orthodontist should consider before deciding on the teeth to be removed. The removed teeth’ position can affect your tongue position and facial shape and the chance of disrupting your mouth. The orthodontist may employ 3D-modelling scans to determine the suitable tooth or teeth for extraction.

Here are some of the features to look into.

  • Painful or sore tooth
  • Discolored tooth
  • Extra-large tooth
  • Difficulty in straightening using braces
  • Sensitive tooth
  • Cracked, chipped, and damaged tooth
  • Misaligned tooth

Which Teeth Do They Extract?

There are high chances that the premolars get extracted; however, this will be dependent on the specific case of the patient. In rare cases, they may remove the back molar.

Are There Other Alternatives to Tooth Extraction for Braces?

Widening the Palate

One alternative for tooth extraction is creating more room for your teeth by widening the palate. This technique is more effective in kids since their bones are in the growth phase. Since adult bones are not developing anymore, this technique is less effective.

Adding a Bone to Your Palate

Another option is to allow for expansion in adults by adding a bone to their palate. The orthodontist can also move the teeth into the back of your mouth through orthodontic care. This is called distalization, and it creates space for crowded teeth instead of extracting them.

When Is Tooth Extraction for Braces Necessary and Why?

Tooth extraction for braces is necessary in only a few cases, such as if your teeth are overcrowded. The main aim of removing teeth for braces is to achieve quality results. You will get well-aligned teeth and a very healthy bite. Note that only serious crowding needs extraction.

What Causes Overcrowding

Tooth Extraction for Braces in Houston, Texas

Overcrowding is a result of excess teeth in your mouth. If the jaw is very small, supporting all of your teeth properly becomes a challenge, and this causes dental crowding. Another reason for overcrowding is extra-large teeth, which cannot fit in the mouth properly.

Other Reasons for Tooth Extraction for Braces

Tooth decay or damage from overcrowding may necessitate tooth extraction before orthodontic treatment. If it is severe tooth decay, the only option is to extract the affected tooth and align the others without it. Tooth extraction for braces is necessary if failure to remove the tooth will lead to unstable results. This may result in future teeth misalignment and shifting needing extra orthodontic care. This makes getting teeth removed for braces vital since you will get safe and healthy results that will last long. Tooth extraction for braces also solves severe bite problems such as open bite, underbite, and deep overbite.

Signs You Require Tooth Extraction for Braces

The orthodontist explores all the possible ways that will give you an attractive smile and healthy bite. This includes comprehensive x-rays and chances of braces extraction. Here are the signs that you require tooth extraction.

  • Discolored and shows signs of decay
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Big teeth
  • Loose because of periodontal disease or tooth decay
  • Misplaced teeth
  • Cracked, damaged, or chipped tooth
  • Sore or painful
  • Chewing and biting issues

Process of Tooth Extraction for Braces

In case your orthodontist suggests getting teeth removed for braces, they will refer you to an oral surgeon or general dentist. The orthodontist’s work is to shift your teeth to enhance appearance. At the same time, oral surgeons and general dentists provide a variety of procedures such as tooth extraction. A general dentist can handle a simple tooth extraction, while the oral surgeon handles a complicated braces extraction.

Pulling teeth for braces may take place during or before the orthodontic treatment. After the extra teeth removal, the orthodontist guides the teeth towards the location of the extracted teeth. The extraction process is not painful. The oral surgeon or dentist uses sedation or local anesthesia to ensure the process is pain-free. They then use a few stitches to cover the site of extraction.

After the anesthesia wears off, you tend to feel some pain and discomfort. The dentist will advise you on the pain reliever to take. Avoid sticky or crunchy foods to give the wound time to heal, and always rinse the mouth using an antiseptic rinse or salty water. The dentist may also offer you an oral syringe that removes food debris in the extraction site.

After the whole has recovered, proceed with your orthodontic treatment. Braces will ensure that the remaining healthy teeth will cover this gap as they align properly.

Why Orthodontist do Tooth Extraction for Braces

Orthodontists do not perform tooth extraction for braces. They examine your teeth and decide whether extraction is important for achieving a beautiful smile and a healthy bite. Once they figure out the teeth that require removal, they will send you to the dentist who performs the extraction. They may also recommend extra teeth removal if the mouth is crowded.

Side Effects for Getting Teeth Removed for Braces

Removing teeth for braces side effects may differ with individuals. Some individuals may take longer to recover, and this would affect or delay the braces treatment. You might also lose your jaw density since it shrinks to fit the fewer teeth.

Will My Teeth Straighten after Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth removal is not done for orthodontic purposes. The 4 teeth extraction for braces before and after images will remain the same since wisdom teeth are removed for other reasons.

How Common Is Pulling Teeth for Braces?

Tooth extraction for braces is not common in orthodontic care. The braces extraction procedure is for individuals whose bones and teeth have reached maximum growth. Thus, the teeth do not move easily, resulting in crowding. To achieve quality results, the orthodontist will suggest removing the fewest teeth possible to get quality results.

Is Tooth Extraction for Braces Safe?

Pulling teeth for braces is very safe. Your orthodontist has the necessary training and expertise to treat complex cases that need teeth extraction. They may also authorize extra teeth removal if that is the gateway to quality results that involve a correct bite and beautiful smile.

Do Pulling Teeth for Braces Make the Other Teeth to Shift?

After tooth extraction for braces, the teeth align themselves properly and give you an attractive smile and proper bite. The space left after tooth removal creates space for the other healthy teeth to move in. If an individual has excess teeth, extra teeth removal enhances the alignment. On the other hand, if the tooth gets removed and you don’t go for orthodontic treatment, the adjacent teeth will unintentionally shift to space, and this may cause bite issues.

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What is the Cost for Teeth Extraction?

The extraction charges will depend on the number of teeth being removed, the type of extraction, and how much the orthodontist charges for his expertise. Extraction costs are not part of orthodontic charges since you are sent to a dentist to get the extraction. The good thing is that your insurance company may cover extraction costs. The cost for one tooth removal ranges from $75 to $500. Because of the complexity of the extractions, oral surgeons charge more.

Cost of Tooth Extraction for Braces

The cost of braces is affordable for most individuals who want to enhance their appearance. The prices may also vary based on the complexity of the procedure. Also, the location and your orthodontist may influence the amount charged for the procedure.

On the other hand, the cost of Invisalign is slightly higher than that of braces. But it is good to get an accurate price quote from your orthodontist. Regardless of the prices, it is worth investing in braces or Invisalign since they will give you long-term results. The procedures will also boost your confidence and improve your oral health through proper alignment.

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Tooth extraction refers to the process of pulling out a tooth due to issues such as tooth decay, cavities, or orthodontic issues. You can get tooth extraction if your teeth are crowded and are interfering with the braces procedure. The orthodontist shows the teeth you should remove to get good results.

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