Understanding Cavities And Common Tooth Decay

Cavities Treatment in Houston, Texas

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There is definitely some truth to the statement that eating the wrong types of foods can easily promote dental cavities and long-term tooth decay. In short, tooth decay or the formation of dental cavities is the direct result of a bacterial type infection. When a bacterial infection attacks the teeth it causes tooth enamel to destabilize and thereby soften. When this happens the hard tissue of the tooth become susceptible to the action of bacteria causing tiny holes in teeth.

Cavities in Houston

Cavities Are Easy To Restore

Over time these holes grow and become larger, ultimately resulting in what is an obvious cavity. The good news is that cavities are easy to restore. While the best strategy is to avoid cavities altogether, when they do happen your dental care provider can carefully cut into the tooth and remove any decay that has formed or developed over time. The surrounding tooth structure remains solid and sound allowing for a filling to be added. There are a number of choices when it comes to the type of filling-material that can be used.

Porcelain Is Often Preferred

Amalgam, porcelain or even gold can be used to effectively fill areas where a cavity once existed. Porcelain is often preferred for filling cavities because it can be matched to the color of the tooth making it virtually unnoticeable. Working with a dedicated team of experienced dental care providers helps to ensure that cavities are properly addressed when treatment is needed. While there are many choices when it comes to professionals in Houston dental care, one dental care provider has proven to be a leader in the region. Zara Dental is a trusted and reliable source for the very best in Houston cavity care. Contact Zara Dental Houston today to learn more and schedule your free dental exam and x-ray.

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