Understanding The Importance Of Crown Lengthening

Best Crown Lengthening in Houston, Texas

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Crown lengthening is known as a procedure that often goes overlooked and that is nonetheless very important. In most instances when there is inadequate tooth exposed in order to support a crown or filling, crown lengthening is often recommended. This simply allows a dental care provider to expose more surface area of the tooth by removing existing gum tissue. This is especially true with regard to a broken tooth where the breakage has occurred at or near the gum line.

Best Crown Lengthening in Houston, Texas

Little To No Pain Experienced

Another common example of where crown lengthening would be used is when a crown has become unseated in some way resulting in decay being exposed underneath the existing crown or a filling. Most importantly, perspective patients considering crown lengthening procedures should know that the procedure is often performed under local anesthesia ensuring that there is little to no pain experienced. Once anesthesia has been administered, the dental care provider carefully incises the gums exposing the root of the tooth so they crown or filling can be applied.

Crown Lengthening Stitches Are Typically Removed After A Week

In some more advanced cases, the bone situated at the root of the tooth may need to be removed. Patients should also know that there is a healing that is required after this type of dental procedure is performed. In most cases, patients are put on a soft diet to ensure that sutures are not disrupted while the healing process takes place. The good news is that the stitches are typically removed after a week to 10 days. Once all healing has occurred usually after about 90 days, the final crown can be then put into place. Contact Zara Dental today to learn more about crown lengthening procedures in Houston.

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