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The Basics Regarding Orthodontics And Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking in Houston, Texas

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While thumb sucking in infants and young children may be normal to some degree of orthodontic care, there are other cases where this type of behavior can often cause dental development related problems. As a rule, children who continue to suck their thumbs beyond the age of six may experience dental development type issues. As such, parents may choose to consider some essential tips for reducing or eliminating this type of behavior as outlined by the American dental Association.

Thumb Sucking in Houston, Texas

Be More Motivated In Eliminating This Type Of Behavior

For example, involving a dental care provider can go a long way in reducing thumb sucking. A dentist will typically encourage children to refrain from thumb sucking as a way to enjoy healthier and more attractive teeth. In addition, getting children actively involved in learning about the negative effects of thumb sucking can help them to be more motivated in eliminating this type of behavior. Parents should note that the primary reason for thumb sucking his insecurity.

Always Praising A Child When They Are Not Thumb Sucking

Dealing directly with a child’s anxiety and providing comfort and greater levels of security can only serve to help eliminate thumb sucking in children. This combined with always praising a child when they are not sucking their thumb can improve the results that parents may experience. In some more extreme cases, a dentist may prescribe medication that is bitter to the taste. Parents simply coat a child’s thumb as a way to deter the unwanted behavior. As an added note, there are various types of mouth appliances on the market that can be used for a more mechanical approach to eliminating sucking of the thumb after age six. Contact Zara Dental today for a Houston dentist specializes in orthodontic care.

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