What is a Two-Phase Treatment in Orthodontics?

Understanding The Many Variations In Today’s Modern Orthodontic Care

Considered by many to be one of the most important and essential types of dentistry, orthodontic care can help patients enjoy improved outward appearance and better self-esteem. Orthodontic treatment has been proven effective over the years in helping individuals with misaligned teeth, crooked teeth and other similar types of conditions. Smiling with confidence can be […]

The Basics Regarding Orthodontics And Thumb Sucking

While thumb sucking in infants and young children may be normal to some degree of orthodontic care, there are other cases where this type of behavior can often cause dental development related problems. As a rule, children who continue to suck their thumbs beyond the age of six may experience dental development type issues. As […]

Impressive Results From Children’s Dentistry That Includes Orthodontics

Pediatric dentistry has many variations that are all intended and designed to help children of all ages enjoy better looking teeth. Perhaps most important of all is that by starting children out at a very early age with pediatric dentistry and even orthodontics, parents can rest assured their children’s teeth will look great well into […]

Key Indications That Orthodontic Treatment May Be Needed

Orthodontics is an important aspect of overall dental care that simply cannot be ignored in today’s modern world. In fact, a growing number of people are discovering the value in having quality orthodontics performed as a way to improve personal self-image and overall visual appeal. Increased self-confidence and better functionality in terms of “bite” are […]

Braces Are Not Just For Kids These Days

While dental braces are typically associated with children and young teens, today’s modern braces offer many advantages to adults that simply cannot be ignored. Orthodontic services that include braces for adults have a wide range of applications that can substantially enhance the visual appeal and smile of adults of any age. From improving one’s bite […]