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Other names for crowded teeth are dental crowding or malocclusion. It is a condition in which the jaws cannot support all teeth in the mouth within their arches. The condition occurs due to inadequate space in the jaw for permanent teeth to grow. As a result, there are overlapping teeth, teeth growing at the back of each other, or twisting. The overcrowding causes the misalignment of teeth, where teeth do not appear straight.

Dental crowding causes low self-esteem in many patients because smiles are one of the biggest contributors to self-confidence. However, with the help of orthodontics, people with overlapping teeth can transform their smiles and regain their self-confidence. Orthodontics achieves proper teeth alignment in overlapping teeth in several ways. For example, Zara Dental in Houston Texas uses Invisalign, extraction, or veneers to correct dental crowding. The severity of the overcrowding determines treatment duration. Mild overcrowding will take a shorter time to correct compared to severe cases.

What Causes Crowded Teeth?

A majority of the cases of crowded teeth occur in children. The condition worsens over time when the child fails to seek early treatment. Crowded teeth have a variety of causes that include:

Thumb Sucking

Sucking of the thumb is a common cause of overcrowding in children. This is because they are more likely to suck their thumbs compared to adults.

Large Teeth

In some people, the size of the teeth is larger than normal. These teeth fail to fit in the jaw resulting in overcrowding.

Small-sized Jaws

People with jaws of smaller sizes typically experience overcrowding as they grow. As they grow, permanent teeth erupt and lack enough room to fit in the jaw. Therefore, the erupting permanent teeth tend to overlap.

Presence of Extra Teeth

Extra teeth, also known as hyperdontia, often grow close to where teeth attach to the jaw. Hyperdontia often occurs in children because, in most cases, primary teeth comprise a majority of the extra teeth compared to permanent teeth.

Teeth of Different Sizes

There should be coordination between the size of your tooth and the arch’s dimension on the jaw. When teeth are either too large or too small, they may fail to fit in the arches. The result of this is that some teeth twist or overlap. Overlapping is common in people who have more large teeth than small teeth.

Old Age

As you age, your jaw will experience some changes. In turn, the lower teeth in many adults move, causing overlapping of teeth. This is why most adults whose orthodontic treatment features Invisalign aim at straightening teeth in the lower jaw.

Baby Teeth That Retain for Too Long

Retained baby teeth are a common cause of crowded teeth in children. When baby teeth retain, they prevent the eruption of permanent teeth. The baby teeth become loose and squeeze within the gums. Failure to remove the baby teeth in due time leads to dental crowding.

What Are the Symptoms of Crowded Teeth?

The most prominent symptom of crowded teeth in people with severe dental crowding is speech difficulties. Dental crowding can prevent you from socializing in public gatherings because you cannot speak properly. General symptoms include:

  1. Changes in the appearance of the face, especially around the mouth area.
  2. Frequent biting of the tongue or the inner cheeks, that usually occurs when chewing food or speaking.
  3. Twisting of teeth.
  4. Overlapping of teeth.
  5. Pain when chewing.

Risk Factors of Untreated Crowded Teeth

Crowded Teeth Treatment in Houston, Texas

Dental crowding prevents proper brushing and flossing of teeth, leading to poor dental hygiene. In turn, poor dental hygiene makes you susceptible to various dental problems such as tooth decay. Gum and teeth problems occur because inadequate hygiene promotes plaque formation. Your mouth inhabits thousands of bacteria that are essential for proper oral health.

However, the bacteria can feed on food remains in the mouth and produce acids that eat away the tooth enamel. Brushing and flossing prevent this from happening. Improper brushing and flossing cause plaque build-up and excessive acid formation by bacteria in the mouth. Acid erodes the teeth causing decay. The more severe your dental crowding is, the more susceptible you are to dental problems. Such dental complications can lead to a weak immune system over time and predispose you to diseases.

How to Fix Crowded Teeth

Orthodontics enables the fixing of crowded teeth. A variety of treatment options are available. All the treatments available aim at aligning the teeth on the jaw.


They are the most popular treatment option for dental crowding. The effectiveness and safety of this treatment option are evident. They are also the least expensive option comparing their cost to the Invisalign cost in Houston. Settling for this type of treatment gives you more options like metal, ceramic, or lingual. These types differ in the material used to make the bracket and the side of placement of the brackets.

The bracket can be made from either metal or ceramic. The lingual type can have brackets made from either metal or ceramic, but they are placed inside the teeth. The lingual option is also discrete because the brackets and wire are not visible. All types need to be changed every month, meaning that you will make monthly visits to the dentist.


Clear aligners are a good option for people who want discrete orthodontic treatment because they are invisible. This is an option for adults and teenagers only. It is also not suitable for severe crowding of teeth. The treatment is in the form of a mouth guard that is custom-made for your mouth. You wear the mouth-guard for at least 20 hours every day. You can remove it when eating and return it. The frequency of change, and therefore, dental visits, is high with this option. They need changing twice a month. A big disadvantage of the option is that treatment takes longer than any other orthodontic option.


Surgery is a treatment option for people who want a quick fix. Adults are more likely to go for this option because wearing adult braces can be embarrassing for some. Teeth-straightening surgery aims at straightening the teeth because crowded teeth undergo twisting and overlapping. Compared to the cost of braces in Houston, surgery is generally more expensive because most insurance companies cover it. Additionally, surgery has risks such as excessive bleeding and healing complications.


Veneers are an option for mild cases of overcrowding. They can also be beneficial in severe cases of overcrowding after treatment with either of the above options. It is excellent for masking twisted teeth and teeth that are too small in size.

Tooth Extraction

Extraction of teeth is a common option for crowded teeth due to extra teeth and retained baby teeth. In this option, the dentist removes any teeth that have not grown on the designated arch.

Crowded Teeth FAQs.

What problems occur due to crowded teeth?

Speech problems and low self-esteem are popular problems of dental crowding.

How long will orthodontic treatment for dental crowding take?

Treatment duration for dental crowding varies with the type of treatment and the severity of the overcrowding. However, treatment is generally longer for adults compared to children because the jaws of children are malleable. In general, the treatment duration is anywhere between one to three years.

Is orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth painful?

Patients report experiencing some pain in the initial days of treatment with braces and Invisalign. Pain results from the pressure that these forms of treatment put on the teeth.

Can a dentist remove teeth in dental crowding?

Yes, tooth extraction is a treatment option for some patients with severe overcrowding.

What causes overcrowding?

There are myriad causes of crowded teeth. The causes are not limited to those discussed earlier. For example, genetics is also a suspected cause of overcrowding of teeth. If your mother or father had a dental crowding problem, you are at risk of getting the condition. Things like age can determine the cause of your crowded teeth. Identifying the cause of your crowded teeth will help you implement measures to prevent the worsening of the condition.

How long does invisalign take for crowded teeth?

Duration of treatment with this option generally takes longer than other treatment options. The duration also differs from patient to patient. It is shorter for people whose dental crowding is mild and longer for those with severe crowding. However, you will notice changes within three months.

Zara Dental in Houston Texas is specialized in orthodontic corrections, including those involving crowded teeth. Our clinic aims at giving our patients better smiles and improve their self-esteem. We first examine your teeth and give you the available treatment alternatives. We give you the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you make the right choice. Most of our patients are either looking for treatment in a short time or discrete options. Whichever option you need, we have got it. Walk into our clinic today to begin your journey to a better smile and a happier life.

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