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Braces Pain Relief in Houston, Texas

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Have you ever thought of getting braces, but when you imagine the discomfort and the pain you will experience, you withdraw? Today, we have some good news for you, the discomfort and the pain are not as constant as you think. The only time you experience the discomfort is right after the tightening of the wires. Does getting braces hurt? Yes, you might experience pain for a little while after the procedure. Are you wondering how to stop retainer pain? Here are the practical ways for braces pain relief.

10 Tips for Braces Pain Relief

Use Local Anesthetic for Braces Pain

Are you wondering how to relieve braces pain? Applying pain relievers, such as Anbesol and Orajel, to your gums and teeth is one way. To apply the anesthetic gel, use your finger or a cotton swab. Even though the gels taste is not fantastic, it will assist in mouth desensitization and braces pain reduction. The anesthetic gel will help you to have a peaceful night. The only thing that you have to do is to apply it as directed.

Take Ove-the-Counter Painkillers

Does it hurt to get braces? Yes, it hurts but taking pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen will minimize inflammation and alleviate braces pain. Before taking OTC painkillers, talk to your doctor regarding the dosage.

If you take the painkillers before the procedure, they will help relieve discomfort and pain during and after the appointment. It is important to read the guidelines on the medication and take the instructed dose. Also, avoid using these drugs consistently. In case your pain persists for more than two days, contact your doctor immediately.

Braces Pain Relief in Houston, Texas

Apply an Icepack

Can an icepack solve the question of how to stop braces pain? Normally, if you twist your ankle or suffer an injury, the first thing you will do is to rest it and place an icepack on the injured part. This is because cold helps in reducing inflammation and numbing the braces pain. The same thing will apply to your mouth. Take an ice pack and apply it to the exterior of your mouth for pain relief. If your teeth are not very sensitive, you can put the ice in your mouth on the area with discomfort.

Use Orthodontic Wax

After the appointment, one thing that your dentist is likely to send you home with is the orthodontic wax. This is a unique wax that offers your gums and cheeks protection from the braces’ brackets. You might be wondering how to stop braces pain using this wax. The orthodontic wax forms a barrier that prevents your mouth from getting irritated by the brackets’ sharp ends.

The orthodontist will guide you on how to use the wax. One basic thing you ought to know is that you apply the bracket’s wax, resulting in irritation. This wax is nontoxic; hence, there is no need to worry about swallowing it accidentally. Also, remove the wax before you clean your teeth and after meals, and after brushing, reapply it.

Use Soft Foods

Do consuming soft foods play a role in braces pain relief? Yes, the restrictions on the foods you consume after getting braces may be similar to traditional wire braces. Some of them include avoiding hard candy, gummy and hard foods. It is advisable to take soft meals such as smashed cereals, potatoes, pudding, smoothies, and soups.

Even if you do not have to worry about wire straightening because you went for Invisalign aligners, you will have an adjustment period with every new set. It is wise to stick to soft foods during those times.

Take Ice Cold Water

Are you wondering how to make your teeth stop hurting from retainers? Consuming ice cold water is one of the most effective ways. After getting the braces, taking cold water, which is quite inexpensive, will minimize the discomfort. This is because low temperatures reduce inflammation and offer a numbing sensation in the sore gums and mouth as a whole. You take this water by sipping at a time, and the braces pain goes away.

Use a MouthGuard

Does it hurt to get braces? Yes, it hurts but not for long. So, are you wondering how to relieve braces pain using a mouth guard? A mouth guard protects your mouth’s soft tissues from the braces. In case you are participating in physical activities and sports, you should put them on to reduce braces pain. This will reduce all the discomfort on the cheeks and other parts of the mouth, including gums.

Get a Gum Massage

Have you ever experienced severe pain in your back, and a massage did wonders in alleviating it? The same applies to your mouth; to relieve the braces pain, massage the gums. You do this by gently rubbing the gums in circular motions using one finger. To experience quality results, begin by rubbing your gum using an ice block. However, please do not do this for long, do it until you feel your swollen gums have now relaxed.

Good Oral Hygiene

Is the question of how to get rid of braces pain still in your mind? Here is another simple way, taking good care of your braces and teeth. It is important to note that keeping your braces and teeth sparkling clean is essential as it will keep away any gum inflammation and tooth decay. You will require to clean your teeth thoroughly because the food will always stick on wires and brackets. Ensure that you floss carefully each time you brush. It is also advisable to use mouth wash to ensure you remove all the particles.

Swish with Warm Salt Water

As we have seen, cold water plays a big role in reducing braces pain, so how about hot water. As gums and cheeks adapt to the braces, you may develop sores. Boil some water and wait for it to cool, then mix with salt. If you gurgle with warm water for only one minute, it will help heal cuts and sores; hence, reduce any form of irritation or discomfort.

Be Patient

Patience is a key thing if you want to achieve quality results. Keep in mind that what you want to achieve is a healthier and beautiful smile. Comfort yourself with the fact that discomfort and braces pain will last for a few days, but a perfect smile will stay with you for a long time.

Use Frozen Teething Rings

Are you wondering how to help braces pain with teething rings? Teething rings will work best for you if you freeze them. After freezing them, please put them in the mouth and chew gently in the part of the mouth that has discomfort. Ensure you move it round to the sore parts until the discomfort and the pain subsides.

Use Peppermint Teabag

Does peppermint teabag relieve braces pain? Yes. After making your cup of tea, do not throw away the teabag. The bag has remedial properties that help to ease braces pain. All you have to do is hold the warm and wet peppermint teabag against the sore area, and you will feel discomfort reduction. There is also peppermint essential ointment that serves the same function. All you do is apply some drops to the affected areas. This helps to numb and soothe the affected areas.

Use Heat Pads

Has the question of how to help braces pain rung in your mind? A very effective way to reduce braces pain is through the use of heating pads. You can as well use a warm washcloth if you can’t access a heating pad. If you are going through a lot of pain and neither ice nor cold drinks have been of help, heating pads can be very beneficial. To get braces pain relief, you will need to apply a heating pad multiple times every day.


Finally, the tips above answers the question of how to stop braces pain. It is also essential to note that choosing the perfect orthodontist will make the process easier. A well-trained orthodontist will ensure that you are comfortable in the course of the treatment. It is also good to book an appointment with them to know who is a good fit. For instance, you can get your free consultation at our dental clinic and schedule an appointment instantly. In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for best orthodontist in Houston, give Zara Dental a call and schedule your consultation today.

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