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Best Full Mouth Dental Implants in Houston, Texas

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Approximately 120 million Americans have a missing tooth, and about 36 million people have no teeth, according to research. The loss of a tooth can alter your dental structure, affecting how you chew or smile. To resolve the issue and replace all teeth missing, most people are now opting for denture implants. It’s merely artificial tooth roots screwed into your jaw to support the attachment of a natural-looking artificial tooth. You could be asking – how do full mouth dental implants work?

Well, the implant contains titanium that naturally integrates into your jaw bone for a more secure fit. The implant supported dentures don’t make any noises or slip. Thus, you can comfortably eat any food, even the hard and sticky meals. Additionally, the material isn’t prone to decay, unlike your natural teeth.

Although it’s essential to have your teeth replaced, the procedure doesn’t suit everybody. Hence don’t rush the process. It would be best to have some background knowledge about the treatment before reaching out to your dentist. Here is a detailed guide to get you started.

Dental Implant Types

There are several dental implant options for people with no teeth aimed at meeting varying patient’s demand. The endosteal implant is the most common option, fixed onto the lower or upper jawbone. For this type, it can take around three to six months to heal. Endosteal implants require significant bone density for support and to allow for grafting to take place.

On the other hand, the dentist fixes the subperiosteal implant on the jaw. It contains a metallic arch that protrudes over the gum to hold the tooth. This option works best for patients with a minimal bone height that can’t support the endosteal implants.

Further, if you have no teeth and need several replacements, the subperiosteal is an ideal solution. The transosteal implant fixing process involves drilling through the jaw bone, and the dentist only uses this option if the others can’t solve your case.

The type of dental implant procedure you will engage in depends on your bone density, height, and insertion area. If you need a single dental surgery, then you will experience a one-stage implant. For this procedure, the dentist fits the implant on the jaw bone and immediately attaches the tooth. One stage implant favors cosmetic procedures like fixing a gap or when you wish to install a temporary crown.

Additionally, the two-stage implant involves double surgeries. First, the dentist will cut through the gum to uncover the jaw bone and then drill through it to fit the implant. Later, around three to six months, after the gum heals, the dentist then reopens the area around the implant. He then introduces a healing cap that allows the gum to form into the desired shape. It’s the right solution in low bone density since it will enable enough grafting time. You may therefore use this procedure to fit your back teeth for improved chewing.

Those with all teeth missing may seek same-day implants. The process involves fixing several implants on a single surgical procedure.

How Dental Implants Compares To Other Methods

If you have all teeth missing and wish to have them replaced, visit your dentist to discuss the possible solutions. Most people prefer implants rather than regular dentures for functionality and cosmetic reasons. Looking into dentures vs implants comparison, you can remove the former false teeth and put them back whenever you want. However, the latter is a permanent solution. Hence, with implants, you will enjoy the comfort of running your daily activities without having to insert, remove or occasionally clean your dentures.

Again, it’s easy to maintain the implants. They behave like natural teeth, and unlike dentures that require special maintenance, you only need to brush and floss the teeth. It’s a time saving and comfortable alternative.

Your dentist will first review your medical history for dental implants to determine if you are fit for surgery. After that, you can begin the full mouth dental implants procedure.

Some patients will require a bone graft if their jawbone isn’t strong enough to support the implant. Your dentist should discuss the dental bone graft cost and your options to help you decide the best way to rebuild your jawbone. After the process, a candidate should have a new set of realistic-looking artificial teeth that function naturally.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Houston, Texas

Best Candidate For Dental Implants

Some patients, those with no teeth, need them to improve their functionality. Alternatively, others need to get new teeth to look better. Although dentists can customize the full dentures treatment procedures to suit several people, it doesn’t work for everyone. You can have your teeth replaced if you have healthy gums and mouth. Since the treatment involves gum surgery, you need healthy gums for quick recovery and to prevent infections. On the other hand, the right candidate should have adequate bone strength to support the implants.

Again, a dental implant candidate should be over 18 years of age. Note that you can only have implants if your bones have stopped growing. In most cases, bones for individuals below 18 years are still growing. Other health conditions like hemophilia can also affect the healing process. Any patient undergoing such a health issue may not be a suitable candidate. Additionally, if you have recently undergone radiotherapy near the head, it might have weakened your bones, and the surgery isn’t a good idea.

You will need to undergo a comprehensive health examination to spot other underlying conditions like uncontrolled diabetes that can hinder the process. Since full dentures may require more than one surgical procedure, the process can take between two to six months. Therefore a candidate needs to be very patient to meet the eligibility factor.

Further, if you have all teeth missing and wish to get new teeth, you must be ready to make some lifestyle changes. First, you need to quit smoking since it leads to periodontal diseases. Again, you need to stop or minimize alcohol consumption since it also leads to dental illnesses. People with teeth-gnashing habits will have to change since it’s detrimental to implants. You can use mouth guards to prevent it.

If a candidate suffers from cardiovascular illnesses or autoimmune issues, we will have to consider their health before the operation. You are a suitable candidate to have your teeth replaced if you:

  • have chipped or fractured teeth,
  • miss one or all teeth,
  • are unwilling to wear dentures,
  • have healthy oral tissue,
  • have large fillings.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Permanent dentures cost may vary based on your region and the amount of work required to achieve maximum results for each patient. For instance, if you have no teeth and have other underlying gum conditions, you will need to pay extra money for initial treatment like a bone graft. The dentist may also decide to charge differently for uniquely personalized dental procedures.

On average fitting fake teeth cost around $25,000. If you have all missing teeth, full mouth dental implants cost in USA ranges from $3,500 to $30000. Besides, you will need to pay for other services that vary from one dentist to another. You might have to incur tooth extraction and bone graft cost. The price will also depend on the position of the tooth you wish to replace. For instance, people with no teeth at the front will pay slightly higher than rear teeth implants.

Additionally, the cost of full mouth dental implants price per tooth may be lower since charges like Xray and scans apply once. Although it might seem somewhat expensive, the procedure has a 98% success rate. They last long, and you won’t have to replace them often; thus, it can be a less expensive option in the long run.

Zara dental specialists provide flexible financing options with approved credit to spread the cost. We also work directly with your insurer to maximize reimbursement for covered procedures.

Potential Concerns

For those asking, are full mouth dental implants painful? Well, we apply anesthetics to numb the area where you have no teeth so you won’t feel pain during the procedure. However, you might experience some discomforts like swelling gum, bruising, and pain at the implant site after the surgery. We will give you some pain medication to keep you comfortable. Nonetheless, if the pain or swelling persists, it would be best to reach out to us for professional assistance.

The recovery time is another significant concern that you need to consider. It’s worth noting that younger patients will recover faster than the elder. Hence for older people, we may choose to use some less invasive treatment to prevent trauma. Your dentist may advise that you fit minor implant supported dentures rather than the extensive options based on your age. It will help reduce pain, minimize the recovery time and medication required throughout the procedure.

Benefits Of Denture Implants

A dental implant is an ideal solution for those with no teeth. You will look and feel better. The teeth don’t agitate your gum and contribute an enhanced visual appearance. Considering dentures vs implants, the former might not fit well, making it hard for you to enjoy food. However, your dentist fixes the later deep into the jaw bone, so it doesn’t move around while eating.

Besides, the implants won’t slip while speaking, which results in enhanced speech delivery. Since the surgical procedure may involve strengthening the jaw bone and fixing soft tissues, it halts deterioration and contributes to your overall dental health. Full Mouth Dental Implants also preserve your teeth’ natural aesthetic resulting in a better smile and improved self-confidence during interactions.

For patients with all teeth missing, the implants will help improve their physical and mental well-being. They don’t alter your daily routine, meals, or social activities like dentures. Since they are permanent fixtures, you will feel naturally normal. The implants are resilient. They contain some composite material, and you will never have to experience cavities in the replaced teeth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Care

After the treatment, your dentist will help you come up with the best care procedure. First, note that during the healing period, you should eat soft food. Secondly, for better results, you need to practice good oral hygiene. Use soft bristles or interdental brushes to clean around the teeth, metal posts, and gums. It helps eliminate calculus or plaque deposits.

Thirdly, consider flossing and regularly use mouthwash to fight gum diseases. Again, schedule regular dental checkups to ensure that your implants function as required. You will also benefit from professional advice and maintenance. The dentist can check for any issues around the implant site and monitor bone density to ensure that the grafting occurs in the expected period. It would be best also to avoid crushing hard items with your teeth to avoid damaging them.

Further, avoid tobacco and lots of caffeine to prevent tooth staining the crown. Remember that when neglected, the implants can accumulate deposits resulting in bone deterioration, gum bleeding, and pain. Nonetheless, with proper maintenance, the implants can last several decades.

Looking for Full Mouth Dental Implants in Houston, Texas?

Hopefully, the above guide answers your question: How do full mouth dental implants work and understandably break down permanent dentures cost. If you wish to consider the treatment, reach out to the Zara dental specialists. We will help you explore the process discussed above in-depth, and we are ready to answer all your questions.

Our team of experts will explain all the available solutions to help you pick the best option based on your needs. Even after the procedure, we will work closely with you to schedule a follow-up visit to ensure that your teeth and gum remain healthy. Those with no teeth, connect with us today to schedule an appointment, to enjoy our free consultation and top-notch dental services in Houston, Texas. We are ready to help you achieve that strong and healthy smile.

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