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Invisible Aligners are becoming very popular. in This article learn more about the benefits and treatment process. You have one chance to make the best first impression. Without a beautiful smile, your first impression will never be as good as you want. Braces may be the first step in obtaining a beautiful smile, but many adults don’t want the inconvenience and unattractive appearance of traditional metal braces. For them, and many others, invisible braces may be the answer.

What Is The Clear Braces Treatment?

The Invisalign® system of transparent aligners was the original clear braces treatment. It uses clear trays that look similar to tooth-whitening trays to gently push misaligned teeth into proper alignment and was designed by a small group of Stanford University students in the 1970s. Anecdotally, the group wore the transparent aligners during their sales presentation to potential investors and removed them at the end of the presentation. The investors were completely surprised, and the Invisalign® system of invisible aligners was born. There are now several types of invisible aligners that have helped millions of people worldwide to achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Invisible aligners are virtually invisible, so no one will know you’re wearing them. They’ll only know that over time, your teeth are much straighter and your smile more beautiful. The trays are designed to work very gradually so there’s little to no pain involved, and there’s no metal wires or brackets to chafe your mouth. Your invisible aligners are custom-fit to your mouth, so you should feel no pain. Any discomfort experienced when wearing a new set of invisible aligners should dissipate with a day or two.

What Are Invisible Braces Made Of?

Clear Braces are made of acrylic or clear plastic that has been approved by the FDA for use in dental appliances. This means that they’re safe and you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals getting into your mouth or your bloodstream.

Invisalign® clear aligner trays are made of a space-age plastic – SmartTrack® – that has also been approved by the FDA for use in dental appliances. Both of these substances have the strength and flexibility to gently pressure your teeth into proper alignment. However, they lack the pain and discomfort of traditional wire-and-bracket metal braces but they achieve the same goal. SmartTrack® contains to BPA, BPS, gluten, or latex.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Invisible Aligners?

Those who are at least in their late teens are the best candidates for invisible aligners. There is no upper age limit as long as you’re in good physical health and have no severe malocclusion. Although invisible aligners can sometimes be used on young children, they usually aren’t. The mouths of young children are still growing and changing, so it’s difficult to fabricate a set of trays for the invisible aligners. Young children also lack the dexterity and discipline necessary to remove and replace the invisible aligners correctly.

Invisible aligners work best for adults and older teens who are concerned with aesthetics. Invisible aligners are virtually invisible, so most people won’t notice that you’re wearing them, which is important for older teens and many mature adults. Rather than a mouth full of metal, others will notice only that you have a mouth full of beautiful, natural teeth.

Additionally, those who have severe orthodontic issues or severe malocclusion may not be suitable candidates for invisible aligners. Clear aligner trays work best for adults and older teens whose permanent teeth have all fully erupted and who have mild to moderately misaligned teeth. Others may need more traditional braces in combination with other types of dental appliances.

What Are The Invisible Aligners Benefits?

There are several advantages to invisible aligners, such as:

  • The most important advantage is their invisibility.
  • Invisible aligners are much more comfortable.
  • There are no wires-and-brackets to chafe your mouth like frequently occurs with traditional metal braces.
  • They can be removed when necessary for important events.
  • They require no special maintenance, only good oral hygiene.
  • Since you remove them before eating or drinking anything other than clear water, it’s easier to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • You won’t have to worry about food particles becoming lodged between your teeth and the braces.
  • Invisible aligners may require less treatment time than other types of braces.

How Much Are Clear Teeth Aligners?

Invisible Aligners in Houston, Texas

Your removable aligners cost will depend on several factors, such as:

  • The rates your dentist charges
  • The degree of misalignment that needs to be corrected
  • The number of follow-up appointments that you’ll need
  • Any additional corrections you need
  • Your insurance coverage

Usually, the cost of Invisalign® is about the same as traditional braces, but your invisible aligners cost will be unique to you. Adults, in particular, usually feel that the invisible aligners benefits far outweigh any cost of Invisalign® which is more than the usual cost of braces.

If you want invisible orthodontic aligners but the cost is a drawback, then contact a treatment coordinator at Zara Dental Clinic in Houston, Texas. They’ll work with you to make your removable aligners cost affordable so you can have the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. We also have periodic specials on our website, so you can save money on many routine procedures.

Will My Invisible Aligners Fall Out?

Your invisible aligners will fit your teeth very snugly and since they’re very flexible, they’ll move with your mouth. Since they are very snug to your teeth, they won’t slip or move around and they won’t fall out.

Will I Need To Change My Lifestyle To Wear Invisible Aligners?

Your invisible aligners shouldn’t make a significant impact on your daily life. However:

  • You’ll need to remember to remove your invisible aligners before eating and drinking, and to brush and floss before replacing them. If you forget and don’t remove the trays before eating, food particles can lodge underneath the aligners and begin to cause cavities and decay, so don’t do this.
  • You should also avoid chewing gum while wearing your invisible aligners since the gum can damage the aligners. If you must have a stick of gum, then remove your invisible aligners first and replace them afterward.
  • You’ll need to avoid smoking or using any type of tobacco while wearing your invisible aligners, so this would be a good time to quit altogether.
  • You’ll need to wear your invisible aligners while you sleep, since they need to be worn a minimum of 20 hours each day.

What’s Involved In Invisible Teeth Correction?

  1. When you come to our office for your first consultation, we’ll examine your teeth to make sure that you’re a good candidate for invisible aligners. If so, then we’ll take an impression of your teeth and gums, and we’ll use that to fabricate your aligner trays.
  2. Approximately every two weeks, you’ll receive a new set of trays. Your new trays will fit very snugly, but you shouldn’t feel pain. At most, you may feel a slight pressure as the new aligners begin to reposition your teeth.
  3. You’ll return to our office every four to six weeks so that we can monitor your progress and make any adjustments necessary.
  4. You’ll need to wear your invisible aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours each day, even at night. If you don’t wear them, they won’t work.
  5. Be sure to remove your invisible aligners before you eat or drink anything. Dark-colored beverages will stain the trays and hot foods or liquids will warp them.
  6. It’s best not to smoke while wearing the trays because the nicotine will stain the trays.
  7. Make sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash after eating and before reinserting your trays.
  8. If you lose or damage a tray, notify Zara Dental immediately so that we can replace it.
  9. Clean your trays twice daily using a soft-bristled brush and clear liquid soap. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly with warm water before reinserting them. Never use hot water to clean your invisible aligners.
  10. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling your trays so you avoid bacterial buildup.

What Happens When My Treatment Is Over?

After you’ve completed your clear braces treatment, you’ll probably need to wear an invisible teeth retainer. Usually, patients need to wear their invisible teeth retainer for about a year, but your dentist will recommend the time you need.

How Much Are Invisible Retainers?

The cost of your invisible retainer will depend on your unique needs. Your invisible retainers cost may already be included in the cost of your invisible aligners treatment, but your dentist will advise you if it isn’t and how much extra to expect for your invisible retainers cost.

What’s The Difference Between An Invisible Retainer And Invisible Aligners?

Invisible aligners gently guide your teeth into the proper position. They play an active role in straightening your teeth. An invisible retainer is used to maintain the alignment of your teeth after you’ve stopped wearing invisible aligners. They play only a passive role in maintaining the proper alignment of your teeth.

Want Invisible Aligners In Houston Texas?

If you live in the Houston area and want invisible teeth correction, then call Zara Dental at 713-766-1122 and schedule an appointment. If you have questions about how much are clear teeth aligners, we’ll be happy to answer them for you. Our bi-lingual office is open seven days a week and we’re located at 6295 Bissonnet Street. You can also message us online at your convenience. We accept most types of insurance and all major credit cards. We’re very proud of our reputation within the local community, so you know that you’ll receive the high-quality, affordable dental treatments that we’re known for.

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